I’ve noticed something interesting on Pinterest recently. People have been regularly repinning a DIY wreath I pinned last year – and they’ve been doing this for about a month.  What does that mean for you? Only this: That your customers are already thinking about the holidays, and as a small business owner, you should be too.

The infographic below details how social media drives holiday purchasing behavior. If you’re looking to maximize your social presence to get your followers into the holiday (and purchasing) spirit, here are some tips:

  1. Consider “decorating” your Facebook page or Twitter page to be holiday themed. Maybe your Facebook cover image should be a collage of the most popular items purchased at your store during the holidays. Or your Twitter profile image should be you in a Santa Claus hat. The holidays make people happy – extend that feeling to you and your business.
  2. Start making occasional references to the holidays on social media — but don’t do a full court press yet. We haven’t even hit Halloween after all. But the holidays are on people’s minds, so you need to cycle holiday content through your various feeds. Go all out after Thanksgiving.
  3. If you’re a retail store owner, have a gift-idea-of-the-day on Twitter and Pinterest for the month of December. Facebook followers can be more finicky, so daily may not be the way to go there.  Three ideas a week may be better place to start, and you can increase or decrease your call-outs depending on the response. Watch in particular for likes, comments and unfollows.