In our final Facebook Live of 2020, our product team took us through some of Thryv’s most recent enhancements that make payments, appointment scheduling and packages easier than ever. Wrapping up last week’s live stream, we provided a sneak peek of the updates that are coming to Thryv’s end-to-end customer experience platform built for small business.

Thryv’s Biggest Year Yet

Kicking off the session, Christie Hathcock and Taylor Cook reviewed some of the key features that we rolled out in recent weeks.

  • Pay by Text. The latest launch from Thryv caters to the growing request from your patrons for a contactless customer experience. With Pay By Text, your clients can receive, view and pay their invoices right from their mobile devices.
  • View appointments all in one view. Calendar views are nice, but sometimes you just want to see which clients are on the books. That’s why we created the Appointments List. This view shows you a high-level overview of your engagements. Here, you can use various filters like a staff member or date ranges.
  • Easily create Packages and products. Do your customers want to buy multiple products or services at once? Great, let them by bundling offerings together with Thryv Packages. We’ve also simplified how you can create new products, providing an easy link right in the settings tab.
  • A dedicated Client Portal view. This new view lets you interact with your small business from your client’s perspective. This awesome feature gives you the opportunity to understand how your client interacts with you, whether it’s receiving payment or viewing estimates. One of the really cool features we’ve added is a shortcut they can add to their phones that takes them directly to their client portal.
  • Block time off for some fun. Thryv helps you schedule your appointments, but what happens when you want some time off? This year we rolled out the ability to block off time for you and your team. The feature is perfect if a staff member goes on vacation or you want to plan a holiday party for the whole crew.

Setting Small Businesses Up For Success

We’ve made a lot of progress adding features and benefits to the Thryv software. However, the juggernaut that is our product team isn’t slowing down anytime soon. During the second half of last week’s Livestream, Michael Greenberg gave us a peek under the tent as to what we can expect in the months ahead.

  • We’re addressing one of our Top 10 requests by adding in a Project Management Tool.
  • Electronic signatures and attachments are coming to Invoices and Estimates.
  • Further simplifying the payment process, your customers will soon be able to add a card on file themselves.
  • Run your small business with confidence with Task Management.

For all the juicy details watch the live stream below. And remember, we are always open to your suggestions and love getting your opinions through the user feedback module.