We’re excited to announce the launch of Thryv Packages, which allows Thryv users to bundle services and create multiple appointments, rather than selling them individually. Once again, our users asked for it, and we’ve delivered!

Thryv Packages allow businesses to build customer loyalty and keep ’em coming back, since they’re paying up-front and will want to get the full benefit of their bundle. Like what, you ask?

Thryv Packages Examples

  • 12 monthly pet grooming sessions or premium car washes
  • On-going daycare packages
  • 3 yoga classes a week or weekly massage sessions
  • A 12-week housekeeping package with once- or twice-weekly cleanings
  • Month-to-month car and home insurance with a discount when purchased for the year
  • One-time fee for all-inclusive legal services (court appearances, billable hours, etc.)
  • VIP memberships for restaurant customers

And there are many other options to help businesses generate repeat business. You can even customize packages with multiple items in a package, offer a variety of discounts with bulk purchases, and you can provide a gift card option. You’ll be able to track appointments, see package details, such as number of services purchased and used, and you can view any associated payments.

Want to see how easy it is to create a package? Check out this article on creating a package on Learn.Thryv.com.

Improve Your Customer & Staff Experience

Your customers will love the option to be able to pay up-front and use your service when they need it. They’ll also be able to schedule their services with you, which saves them and your staff time.

Illustrates bundle services for Thryv Packages for fitness classes

Thryv makes it easy for your customers to book their session and simply click “redeem package,” which can all be done online. (Want to see how it works for clients? Check out this article about managing clients’ packages on Learn.Thryv.com.)

Thryv will help your team stay organized by keeping an up-to-date calendar, and get an at-a-glance overview of staff availability. Plus, when you have open times on your calendar, you can more easily fill those times by promoting them through social media.

You can also promote your packages offers through Announcements or on the Client Portal.

If you’re not currently using Thryv and you want to build customer loyalty and keep them coming back again and again, connect with us to learn more with a free demo.