Social Media predictions for 2015With technology and the landscape of marketing constantly changing, it’s hard to tell where Social media will be in 2015. However our friends at Momentology put together this list of social media marketing trend predictions for 2015 from 19 of the top social media experts, here are some stand out predictions:

Jason Burby, President, Americas at POSSIBLE

  • “Real-time marketing (RTM)  is another topic a lot of brands are looking at and considering how to systematize on an ongoing basis again in a way that can successfully scale. RTM requires the ability to listen and take advantage of appropriate opportunities and then leverage media to drive when it takes off. This requires allowing freedom for quick responses, but also a strong understanding of brand voice to make sure consistency is there.”

Natalie Henley, Vice President, Marketing at Volume Nine

  • “The lines of digital marketing (social vs. content vs. SEO vs. PR, etc.) are going to get blurrier in 2015. Brands actively focused on maximizing returns are going to realize the best social media programs happen in tandem with these other disciplines.”

Kelsey Jones, Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal

  • “I think more and more brands will be focusing on personalized service….I think customers appreciate when they realize they are talking to a specific person. It really makes a difference when a brand’s Twitter account ends the tweet with the person who wrote the tweet’s initials, because then it shows that it’s real people behind the public face of the company. It creates connections; it makes your employees someone customers feel they can reach out to, instead of throwing their request into the virtual circus of customer service and hoping someone will respond.”

Douglas Karr, CMO at Circupress 

  • “Social listening platforms will continue to evolve with automated routing and intelligent responses. Companies who invest and respond via social listening will see improved retention, and increased customer value.”

Sean Murricane, Senior Social Media Specialist at TwentySix

  • “Social media can’t sit in isolation any more. Fewer and fewer companies are employing dedicated social media people, especially at a senior level, because they’re realizing that it’s now as essential a part of an integrated marketing and customer relations approach.”

Lee Odden, CEO of Top Rank Online Marketing 

  • “Social media is no longer organic: Growing monetization by social networks will diminish organic amplification to near insignificant levels. At the same time, social platforms will provide even more effective advertising options to reach specific audience targets. According to BIA Kelsey, U.S. Social Media Advertising Revenues are expected to reach $15B by 2018.”

See the full list of predictions here.