When it comes to your customers, it’s not enough to simply appeal to them. You want them to become your greatest fans. That level of customer loyalty is the driving point for small business success.

By skipping the more transactional route of running your business and adopting a mindset of customer advocacy, you can create fanatical fans who will become champions for your business.

Here’s how to do it in 3 steps.

1. Uncover What Needs Fixing

When you launched your business, the goal was to meet your customers’ needs. You put 101 products, programs and policies in place but, have you taken a step back to reflect on what is and isn’t working? It’s not easy to say, “I’m really dropping the ball in this area of my business,” but it’s necessary if you plan to keep your doors open.

Take a hard look at any barriers to working with you

Are your customers stuck paying with cash or check only? Today’s buyers want more options, make sure they’re getting that from you. If a customer accidentally leaves their wallet in the wrong purse, are there other contactless payment options your business accepts, or will they be led to a competitor who can accommodate them. 

This is especially important with the current payment evolution occurring right before our very eyes.

Consider whether your website is difficult to navigate

When customers come to your website, can they find the information they need quickly and easily? An even better question: Is your website easy to navigate from a mobile device? Because most searches are done from phones, this is a factor you’ll want to consider.

Be sure to follow our steps to becoming a mobile-friendly business so you can be sure potential and current customers continue to choose you.

Are employees giving subpar service?

You may have set the standard for what excellent service looks like for your business, but is your staff meeting the mark? Check reviews for insight on how service can be improved and then offer training for your staff to make sure your business can build hype men out of your customers.

Checking in with your customers is key. You won’t know what they’re thinking or where you’re coming up short unless you ask.

2. Get the Team On Board

Now it’s time to ramp up your business and you’ll need buy-in from your staff and stakeholders. By bringing them in, you’ll have a much more engaged workforce. It’s important to remember that the customer experience is a direct result of the employee experience. 

3. Spread the Word

If you’re going to get more people to do business with you, you’re going to want to get them talking. If you’re not sure just how to do that, or if getting reviews is a job within itself, incentives always help.

Whether that’s by offering discounts on products and services for bringing in new customers or giving them a token of appreciation. After all, word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tactics out there. Just make sure you’ve put a system in place to keep up with your referral program.

Continue to wow your customers by putting them first and when you’re ready for an end-to-end CXM to assist you in turning your current customers into your very own fanatical fans, then look no further.