By Seth Richtsmeier

One of the keys to success is bundling up, and we aren’t talking about blankets. Let’s talk packages. Service and subscription packages are revenue and retention game-changers for small businesses.

These bundles, carefully crafted to meet specific customer needs, have become a cornerstone of modern business strategies.

Today’s consumers want convenience and value, and service packages offer just that. These bundles allow your business to combine multiple services into a single offering, tied up neatly with a bow.

Whether you’re in landscaping, pet grooming, consulting or other fields, service packaging is essential to attracting more customers and getting the ones you already have to spend more.

Here are seven advantages of offering subscription or service packages that can help transform your business.

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1.   Bundle for Better Customer Satisfaction

Offering service packages is a unique opportunity to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the needs of your customers. Landscapers, for instance, offer service packages that go beyond basic lawn care.

A package might include services like lawn mowing, shrub pruning, edge trimming and seasonal cleanup. By bundling these together, every aspect of the customer’s property is addressed.

Then, make it a recurring subscription, so the service is automatically booked monthly. That would make you a happy homeowner, wouldn’t it?

Customers love the convenience of a one-stop shop. They don’t need to work with multiple service providers or worry about handling the excess work themselves.

2.   Simplified Pricing and Transparency

Small businesses that offer bundled services can benefit from the transparency and simplicity they bring to the pricing structure. Instead of a list of individual services with varying costs, bundled packages provide a clear, straightforward pricing model.

Consider a pet grooming salon. A “pampered” package might include a bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning, all at a fixed price. No need for the customer to figure out what the cost is for each service because they’ll see exactly what they need to pay for a comprehensive package.

No surprises or a different cost than what they mentally calculated when it comes time to pay the bill.

Transparency builds trust with customers and improves the integrity of the business, which leads us to the next advantage.

3.   Higher Customer Retention

Bundled services offer value and convenience for customers, which has the potential to foster a deeper connection to the business.

Sticking with the pet grooming salon as an example, let’s say it offers a basic monthly subscription that includes a haircut and nail trimming. When a customer chooses this package, they commit to a visit every month. If you own a pet, you know these particular services are a necessity.

This monthly commitment not only benefits the customer and their pet, but also strengthens the relationship between the customer and the business. Customers begin to trust the salon as their go-to place for pet grooming. They might enjoy the predictability of the recurring grooming schedule, as well as the savings and convenience.

As a result of the bundled subscription-style package, customers can turn into long-term clients. They might even recommend the salon to others, bringing more business to the salon. And speaking of more business …

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4.   Larger Transactions

Bundled services can encourage clients to purchase more. When services are packaged together (at a discounted rate compared to each service on its own), customers see that it’s a better value. This can lead to additional spending to take advantage of the offer.

When a marketing consulting firm offers a service package that includes market research, strategic planning and implementation support, its clients benefit from a comprehensive solution to their needs. Seeing the value, these clients may be more inclined to invest.

As an example, a client looking for marketing advice may be enticed by a consulting package that addresses marketing and includes business analysis and ongoing support. When they choose this comprehensive solution, the transaction becomes larger than it would have been if the client only chose the marketing advice.

5.   More Cross-Selling Opportunities

There’s also an opportunity for cross-selling related services. By bundling complementary services together, you can introduce clients to other, additional offerings.

Continuing with the consulting theme, imagine a firm specializing in IT strategy. They might offer a package that includes an IT assessment, software implementation and employee training. In this package, the firm can seamlessly introduce related services as a cross-sell, like ongoing IT support, a cybersecurity audit or data analytics consultations.

When a client experiences the benefits of the initial package, they may see the value that the other related services have. This natural progression allows the consulting firm to cross-sell additional services, increasing revenue.

6.   Streamlined Operations

Your business could probably be more efficient and streamlined than it currently is. A service package creates a structured framework that allows you to optimize resources and workflows.

Consider that earlier landscaping company that offers a seasonal maintenance package. Instead of scheduling one-off services like mowing in the summer, clients can sign up for a bundled subscription service that could include tasks like mowing, fertilization, edge trimming and shrub pruning bi-weekly.

This approach streamlines operations in several ways:

  • It simplifies scheduling by providing a recurring routine. The business can allocate crews and equipment more efficiently since the workload is predictable.
  • It helps with resource planning. The business can buy supplies in bulk, which reduces costs and ensures the right equipment and staff are available when needed.
  • It makes customer communication and management easier. The business can proactively schedule appointments and communicate with clients about upcoming services, reducing the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Further streamline operations by providing flexible payment options. With ThryvPay, you can lock in recurring payments while on the job. Schedule out larger payments for your clients so you’re always on top of your cash flow without having to chase down your money.

7.   Competitive Advantage

Continuing with the landscaping theme, this type of business can set itself apart from the competition by offering unique service packages that other landscapers don’t.

An innovative bundle can become a valuable differentiator, attracting clients who might otherwise be turning to other rival businesses.

Let’s say the landscaping business introduces an eco-friendly package that includes typical landscaping services but also focuses on sustainability and native plants.

In a competitive market, an environmentally conscious approach will surely stand out from what the average competitor offers.

Unique service packages not only provide a competitive edge but also highlight the business’s commitment to meeting the ever-evolving demands of customers. Wouldn’t you be more likely to choose a company that aligns with your values?

The Quickstart Guide to Digital Payments

The Quickstart Guide
to Digital Payments

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