Small business website development

How to simplify small business website development

While it seems simple from the outside, building a website for a small business is a big undertaking. Developing a website requires the skills of a designer, copywriter, SEO specialist and digital marketing expert, along with technical expertise to manage the hosting, bandwidth requirements and other details.

While larger companies and enterprises may have these skills in surplus, your small business almost certainly does not. That means, if you’re undertaking your own small business website development, you’re likely in for a rocky ride. Many small business owners start off building and managing their own sites only to hand off the project to professionals when the website doesn’t have the look or functionality they want.

As a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses, Thryv offers turnkey small business website development services that deliver exceptional sites at an affordable price. With Thryv, you can entrust your small business website to a team of professionals while you stay focused on your own area of expertise.

The benefits of a small business website

Websites offer small businesses significant benefits for connecting with customers.

  • Build credibility. Websites legitimize a business and help build trust with customers.
  • Grow the business. A websites is a great place to engage and grow a customer base and attract and hire employees.
  • Improve search rankings. A small business website that’s optimized for search engines will help improve your ranking when customers search for your business or the products and services you offer.
  • Tell your own story. With a website, you’re in complete control over the information you share with customers, the links you post, the images you use and the brand you communicate.
  • Centralize marketing efforts. A website can serve as the hub for all your marketing efforts. Email, social, direct mail and other channels can all drive traffic to your website, where landing pages with compelling offers help convert visitors to leads and customers.
  • Sell products and services. By making your products and services available on your website, you can generate additional sales and revenue.
  • Showcase your work. Web pages are a great way to show your work to potential customers, along with testimonials from existing customers.
  • Track your marketing success. Web analytics provides you with valuable insights on how your business and your marketing campaigns are performing.

Small business website development from Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all platform for managing nearly every aspect of your business – from marketing and social media to invoicing customers and managing your online reputation.

Thryv’s small business website package will provide you with a site that showcases your business, captures customer interest and keeps visitors on your site longer. Engagement tools help to convert more leads to customers.

Thryv’s small business website development services include:

  • Professional design. Adaptive and responsive designs ensure that customers will have an awesome experience no matter what device they use to view your site.
  • Copywriting. Thryv’s professional copywriters develop headlines and copy with compelling messages that tell your story and resonate with your ideal audience.
  • Calls to action. Attention-grabbing call to action buttons help convert more visitors into leads.
  • Contact forms. Forms help engage visitors and capture leads as customers sign up for email lists, access coupons and content and book appointments with online scheduling features.
  • Image galleries. Photo galleries and videos help grab the attention of viewers and create more personal connections.
  • Animation. Sliders, video backgrounds, entrance animations and page transitions give your site a more high-end appearance and add visual appeal.
  • SEO. Our SEO team will maximize your website’s visibility for search engines with optimized headings, targeted keywords, rich content and detailed site maps.
  • Social media links. Direct more traffic to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts with social media icons and links.
  • Hosting and domain services. Let Thryv handle the headaches of domain registration and hosting.

More solutions on the Thryv platform

The Thryv platform offers a Command Center, Business Center and Marketing Center with small business tools to help run nearly every aspect of your business.

Thryv Command Center is the cure-all for communication struggles. With Command Center, you can centralize all communications and never miss another message or customer again.

  • A centralized inbox combines conversations and messages from multiple channels in a single, easy-to-use inbox. View messages received via email, text, phone calls, DM and other channels in one place, with a consolidated history of each customer’s interactions.
  • A customer service phone line provides a convenient way to manage phone and video calls.
  • Transcriptions of voicemails delivered to your central inbox make it easy to keep track of voicemails and find important data within them.

Thryv Business Center makes your day-to-day easier with tools that let you spend less time on administrative tasks.

  • Appointment scheduling software enables customers to go online anytime, day or night, to view your calendar and request or book appointments at their convenience. Thryv synchronizes calendars across your entire team.
  • Document storage, sharing and signing capabilities eliminate paper clutter by digitizing documents and securely managing files online.
  • Sales and payment solutions let you create interactive invoices, send them to customers via email and text, and give customers the option of paying online so you get paid faster.
  • Client portals provide a place where customers can securely log in to send messages, upload or download documents, view account information, schedule appointments and make payments.
  • CRM software solutions centralize customer information so you can nurture customer relationships and communicate with clients more easily.
  • Reputation management features notify you immediately of new online reviews and help you quickly respond within one business day.

Thryv Marketing Center provides tools to attract new customers and scale your business.

  • Automated marketing campaigns helps you reach the right customers at the best time with smart campaigns across all channels.
  • Small business social media management solutions connect your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can build and post content from one location.
  • Online presence software automatically syncs your business info for Google Business Profile and 40+ other listing sites to help customers find you faster.
  • Analytics provide AI-powered recommendations and competitive insights backed by real-time data.

Why customers choose Thryv

Thryv is a powerful, end-to-end platform for managing the daily workload of a small business with greater organization and efficiency. As a do-it-all solution, Thryv lets business owners and employees log in once to access all the tools they need to run the business from a single dashboard, instead of repeatedly logging in to multiple applications throughout the day.

Thryv is available from any location on any internet-connected device and integrates easily with common business tools like QuickBooks, Zoom, PayPal, MailChimp, Square, Gmail and many others. That means small business owners and employees don’t have to give up the tools they know to take advantage of Thryv’s solutions. Cutting-edge encryption technology and custom access controls help keep customer information and business data safe from data loss, leaks, theft and breaches. Unlimited support from small business specialists ensures that users can always get the help they need 24/7.

Small business website development FAQs

Your small business website development questions, answered.

What is small business website development?

Small business website development is the task of designing, writing, optimizing and hosting a website for small businesses. The task of developing a website may be handled by a small business or by a third-party company that specializes in web design.

What’s the best way for small businesses to build a website?

There are many online platforms that enable small businesses to build and publish their own websites. However, with so many other pressing priorities, many businesses find it difficult to find the time to produce and maintain a quality site. As a result, small businesses often prefer to hire a company to handle design, copywriting, search engine optimization and hosting.