Small business management app

How to choose the best small business management app

When you’re running a small business, it seems like every day brings more work and less time to do it. From posting fresh social media content and sending marketing emails to invoicing customers and responding to reviews, your list of things to do gets longer the more your business grows.

A small business management app can help by streamlining workflows and automating tasks. But with so many products on the market, choosing the best small business tools can be a challenge. The right app should let you access all the capabilities you need on one platform that you can access from anywhere, while integrating easily with your existing tools.

That’s where Thryv excels. Our small business management app delivers everything you need to run your business more efficiently, communicate with customers effortlessly and grow your business without growing your to do list.

What to look for in small business management apps

There are several essential criteria to consider when comparing productivity tools for your small business.

Easy-to-use tools
Small business apps should deliver all the tools you need to manage every aspect of the business – from marketing and communications to finances and CRM. When you end up using different tools for each function, you and your team inevitably spend each day logging in to different solutions and bouncing between various platforms and browser windows. The best small business management app will be a do-it-all solution that lets you access everything you need from one platform with one dashboard and one login.

Business-friendly support
When your business management tools aren’t working, neither is your business. That’s why fast, responsive technical support is a must for any small business management app. The right solution will deliver support from live experts 24/7.

Worry-free security
From customer data to financial records, your business systems contain a lot of data that must be kept safe from theft, loss and leaks. The best small business management apps will offer the latest security measures to keep your data safe and secure.

Anywhere access
When you’re running a business, you’re always on the job no matter where you are. That means you need universal access to your small business management app from any location, on any device that’s available. Choosing a cloud-based solution ensures that the tools you need will always be at your fingertips.

Technology that plays well with others
The last thing you need are productivity tools can’t communicate with each other or solutions that don’t integrate with existing technologies. To keep you and your team working productively, your management app must integrate seamlessly with the tools and solutions you already use so you can add new functionality without missing a beat.

Thryv: a do-it-all small business management app

Thryv is a cloud-based platform that provides your small business with all the tools you need to simplify communication, manage your day-to-day operations and grow your business. Over 66,000 small businesses trust Thryv’s solutions to automate tasks, streamline workflows and get more work done with less effort.

Thryvs offers automated business software solutions in three technology centers.

Thryv Command Center
Thryv’s solutions are the cure-all for communication struggles, helping small businesses centralize communications and effortlessly stay in touch with customers and team members.

  • Consolidate communications with a centralized inbox that combines conversations from 12+ channels in one place. Manage and respond to email, texts, DMs, web conversations and social media posts from one location.
  • View a history of communication with each client across all channels in a single view.
  • Use one business line to manage phone and video calls.
  • Get voicemail transcriptions delivered to your central inbox, making it easier to find and reference information from voicemail messages.
  • Communicate with team members via TeamChat. Set up group chats, send direct messages and markup and share photos to keep everyone in the loop.

Thryv Business Center
Save up to 18 hours each week with Thryv’s management software.i Thryv’s small business management app is like the personal assistant you’ve always needed.

  • Manage customer relationships with a powerful CRM database.
  • Simplify scheduling by letting customers go online anytime to book or request appointments.
  • Get paid faster with tools for building estimates and sending invoices online.
  • Create and post to social accounts from one location with small business social media management.
  • Manage documents easily with document storage solutions and document sharing software.
  • Build and protect your online reputation by managing and responding to reviews with help from Thryv.
  • Automate email and text marketing campaigns, creating fresh content from easy-to-use templates.
  • Make payment processing easy with options for credit cards, digital wallet, bank transfers and cash or check.
  • Give clients an online portal where they can access account information and self-service options.

Thryv Marketing Center
Thryv’s marketing software makes it easy to run ads, conduct campaigns and improve your online presence.

  • Campaign management tools help you reach the right people at the right time with smart campaigns on all channels.
  • Landing page templates let you create pages for paid ads in minutes with convenient templates.
  • Online presence tools enhance your local listings, updating 40+ sites at once and optimizing your Google Business Profile.
  • Real-time analytics help you understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • AI-powered recommendations let you find customers faster and continuously improve your marketing efforts.

Additional solutions from Thryv

Along with apps for business efficiency, communications and marketing, Thryv offers several additional solutions to simplify small business management.

  • Thryv Signatures simplifies, protects and speeds up your e-signature requests. With Thryv’s digital signature software, you can streamline the signing process by creating templates with drag-and-drop fields, setting the signing order if needed and checking signing progress at a glance with real-time status updates.
  • ThryvPay helps businesses save thousands on payment processing fees. Built for small businesses, ThryvPay makes it easy to accept credit card and ACH digital payments, to get next-day funding and to offset costs by automatically charging convenience fees. Thryv’s Mobile Card Reader and Mobile Tap-to-Pay deliver safe and secure card-present processing capabilities. Low rates with no hidden fees help you control how much payment processing really costs your business.
  • Hub by Thryv™ is designed to easily scale multi-location businesses or franchises. Built on top of Thryv’s powerful small business management app, Hub by Thryv delivers ready to use business apps that help franchisees view jobs, messages, appointments, payments and more – in one place.

Why customers love Thryv

Thryv delivers the best small business management app in the industry. Offering comprehensive tools for marketing, social media, scheduling, communication, invoicing, payments, reputation management and CRM, Thryv gives small businesses the solutions they need to work more efficiently, stay more organized and grow more easily.

With a fully mobile interface and over 20 customizations for specific industries, Thryv lets small business owners work with the kind of software that’s usually reserved for larger companies. Whether you’re seeking a small business management app for your service-based business, your home repair company, your medical or legal practice, you’ll find everything you need to streamline your work and simplify your day on the Thryv platform.


Based on Thryv survey sample of 181 clients. Calculations assume a 40-hour work week. Results may vary.

Small business management app FAQs

Your small business management app questions, answered.

What is a small business management app?

A small business management app is a software solution that provides comprehensive tools for managing a small business. Because small business owners must wear many different hats, the right small business app will provide integrated tools for managing every aspect of the business – from scheduling and invoicing to marketing, communications, CRM and reputation management.

What’s important in a small business management app?

The best small business management apps are do-it-all solutions that let business owners and employees access all the tools they need in one location, with one login. Business management apps should integrate easily with other productivity tools and platforms that users already know and love. Since small businesses have limited IT capacity, top-notch security features are essential to protect business information and customer data.