Review monitoring

Build your reputation with review monitoring software

When you’re running a small business, positive reviews and recommendations online are essential to expanding your customer base. More than 9 of 10 consumers say that reviews are helpful when considering which businesses to patronize.i To engage these potential customers and strengthen relationships with your existing clientele, it’s critical to respond quickly to every review, good or bad. Yet, when you’re overwhelmed by your to-do list, it can be hard to find time to monitor and respond to reviews every day.

That’s where review monitoring software from Thryv can help. As part of a do-it-all platform with small business tools, Thryv’s software automates and streamlines review monitoring to help you build and control your online reputation – one review at a time.

The benefits of review monitoring solutions

By helping you take a proactive approach to building and protecting your reputation online, review monitoring software delivers several key benefits.

Growing your customer base
The more reviews you have, the higher your credibility with potential customers. And more stars in your online reviews are bound to bring in more customers.

Learning what customers want
Reviews and comments posted online provide crucial insight into what makes customers happy and what leaves them disappointed. Positive reviews help you understand what you’re doing right, while negative comments offer invaluable feedback into what customers expect from you and where you can improve.

Improving competitiveness
Customers are always comparing you to your competition on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms. More stars and stronger reviews will tilt customers toward your business over others in the marketplace.

Proving your commitment to customer service
No business is perfect, which means you’re bound to get a negative review occasionally. But don’t fret – a customer’s complaints give you an excellent opportunity to win them back and prove your commitment to customer service at the same time. By responding to negative comments, apologizing sincerely and finding a way to make things right, you can turn bad reviews into great PR that lets potential customers know they can expect excellent service from you and your team.

Review monitoring software from Thryv

Thryv is a cloud-based platform with end-to-end solutions that help small businesses communicate effortlessly, manage operations efficiently and grow the business effectively. Tens of thousands of customers rely on Thryv to streamline day-to-day activities and spend less time on paperwork.

Thryv’s review monitoring tools let you monitor and reply to reviews from one location, taking control of your online reputation and building it one star at a time. With Thryv, you can:

  • Monitor reviews closely. Thryv notifies you instantly of new reviews on top sites so you can respond fast. See what customers are saying the second new reviews are posted. Thryv’s live review acknowledgment service helps you respond to reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook within one business day – even when you’re too busy to do it yourself.
  • Generate more reviews. Thryv’s pre-built templates help you request reviews from happy customers at the right time. With Thryv, you can automatically ask for reviews when invoicing customers, completing appointments, processing payments and at other key points of interaction.
  • Track your competitiveness. To see how you stack up against your competition, Thryv lets you compare your business to four competitors to see how you rank online. Use an in-depth competitive analysis to determine where you’re knocking it out of the park and where you can do better.

Comprehensive tools on the Thryv platform

Along with review monitoring software, Thryv offers comprehensive tools to help you run and grow your business.

Thryv Command Center centralizes all communications and to help you stay in touch with customers and team members more easily.

  • A centralized inbox combines messages from all channels – email, social, web, text, DM and more – to streamline communication and deliver a single view of all interactions with each customer across channels.
  • A business phone line makes it easy to manage voice and video calls with customers and contacts.
  • Voicemail transcriptions delivered to your central inbox provide easy access to customer information otherwise trapped in audio voicemails.

With Thryv Business Center, you can streamline daily business operations, push less paper and claim back up to 18 hours of administrative time each week.ii

  • CRM software keeps your client information organized and simplifies customer communication.
  • Invoicing software helps you get paid faster through seamless estimate and invoice creation.
  • Appointment scheduling software lets customers go online 24/7 to view your availability and book or request appointments at their convenience.
  • Document sharing software lets you store, share and sign documents online.
  • Digital payments make payment processing a breeze with options for credit cards, bank transfers, digital wallets and more.
  • A customer portal gives customers a secure place online to access self-service options, view account details, upload and download documents and interact with your business.
  • Small business social media management tools let you post content to your social accounts from one location and build content in minutes with easy-to-use templates.
  • Marketing automation tools let you set up trigger-based email and text campaigns to automatically reach each customer with the best message at the right time.

With Thryv Marketing Center, you can easily create and manage impactful marketing campaigns.

  • Marketing campaign tools help manage smart campaigns on Google, Instagram, Yahoo Display, Bing, Facebook and other channels.
  • Advertising software lets you build high-performing ads in minutes based on prebuilt templates.
  • Real-time analytics and AI-powered recommendations deliver powerful insights to help you find more customers online and improve your marketing efforts.
  • Online presence tools optimize and enhance your Google Business Profile and automatically update 40+ online listings sites to help customers and prospects find you faster.
  • Small business website solutions make it easy to build a mobile -riendly website with compelling landing pages that convert more leads to customers.

Why choose Thryv

Thryv’s comprehensive platform offers powerful solutions for managing nearly every aspect of your business. From simplifying marketing campaigns and automating scheduling to streamlining invoicing and centralizing communication, Thryv provides the tools you need to organize and run your business more efficiently.

As a cloud-based platform, Thryv is accessible from any location, on any device – smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Thryv lets you access comprehensive tools from a single dashboard, eliminating the need to repeatedly log in to different platforms throughout the day. Thryv integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use – including QuickBooks, Zoom, Constant Contact, Indeed, PayPal and many others. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls keep business data and customer information safe and secure. With unlimited support available 24/7, you’ll always have access to live experts who have both small business know-how and technical answers.

Review monitoring FAQs

Your review monitoring questions, answered.

What is review monitoring software?

Review monitoring software helps small businesses request, monitor and respond to reviews posted by customers online. Review monitoring tools let small business owners know as soon as reviews and comments are posted on top sites and help owners respond quickly to both positive and negative comments.

What are the advantages of review monitoring software?

By monitoring and responding quickly to reviews, small businesses can demonstrate a commitment to responsive communication and to making sure customers are satisfied with their purchases and experiences. Review monitoring software also automates many of the routine tasks of tracking and responding reviews to help small businesses run more efficiently.