Marketing Automation Tools

The power of marketing automation tools for small business

Marketing is essential to running a small business – but it’s also a never-ending task that can distract you from serving customers and doing the work at the heart of your business. That’s why so many small business owners are turning to marketing automation tools that improve communication with customers while freeing up time for other activities.

Traditionally, automated marketing software was something that only large companies could afford to deploy and manage. Today, however, advances in SaaS-based software have resulted in small business marketing tools that can automate many of the tasks involved in tracking customers, sending messages and monitoring results.

As a do-it-all platform for managing a small business, Thryv offers powerful marketing automation tools to help you connect with customers at the right time and with the right message, tracking every interaction with metrics that help you constantly improve your customer relationships.

Why small businesses need marketing automation

Marketing automation tools are a perfect fit for small businesses for several key reasons.

  • Automation saves time. When you’re running a small business, there’s never enough time in the day. Automated marketing tools for small business can help you accomplish a lot more in a lot less time by automatically sending pre-determined messages to customers at specific times. You can automate thank you notes after a purchase or automatically send text reminders for appointments. Automatically check-in with customers two weeks after their last purchase, or send offers for new offerings based on the products customers have purchased in the past.
  • Automation nurtures relationships. By tracking each contact with every customer, marketing automation tools help you build relationships with customers and identify their wants, needs and interests. With this information, you can personalize your interactions to earn more repeat business and build a more loyal customer base.
  • Automation generates sales. Automated tools can help you stay in front of your customer regularly, providing more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your products and services.
  • Automation simplifies metrics. Without marketing automation tools, tracking the success of your efforts is far too time-consuming. The right tools can automatically collect data and present it in an easy-to-understand dashboard that lets you see where you’re winning and where you can improve.

Thryv: seriously powerful marketing automation tools

Thryv is a do-it-all platform for managing nearly every aspect of your business – from marketing and social media to managing your online reputation and customer relationships.

Our marketing automation tools let you streamline tasks to get more done in less time while improving the quality and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With Thryv small business marketing services and solutions, you can:

  • Set up trigger-based email campaigns. Create campaigns to automatically send emails and text to customers based on specific triggers. Trigger-based campaigns can automatically thank customers after every purchase, or reach out to customers who haven’t engaged in the last 90 days. Send out offers for additional products and services to customers based on their purchase history, or send helpful tips each month to customers who have purchased specific products.
  • Automatically send announcements and messages. Keep in touch with customers by automatically sending greetings on birthdays and anniversaries. Create one-off announcements with compelling calls to action in advance and schedule them to be sent automatically at the right time.
  • Produce professional campaigns with ready-to-send messages. Our massive library of pre-crafted texts and emails helps you craft messages for every occasion, even when you don’t know what to say.
  • Measure your success. Thryv automatically tracks every open, view, click and engagement with your texts and emails, providing detailed analytics that help you measure success and improve future efforts.
  • Manage your marketing lists. Thryv helps you grow your marketing list with customizable widgets on your website. Opt in and opt out messaging on your texts and emails helps you comply with legal requirements.

Additional marketing solutions from Thryv

Along with marketing automation tools, you’ll find these additional marketing technologies on the Thryv platform.

Customer communication tools
Thryv customer communication solutions let you reach your customers how they want to be reached – via text, email, Facebook and more. Manage every conversation from a single inbox to help you stay organized, respond quickly and personalize messages. View every single message in client-specific threads, no matter where the message came from.

Online presence
Optimize your business information on 40+ trusted listings sites online, including Google Business Profile. Thryv helps you lock this information down to give consumers and search engines greater confidence in your business.

Reputation management
Take control of your online reputation by generating more reviews, monitoring comments online and automatically responding to reviews quickly – even when you don’t have time to do it yourself. See how you rank against your closest competitors with an in-depth analysis based on customer reviews.

Customer relationship management
Upgrade your contact list with detailed insights into your customer base and a customizable view of your leads. Thryv’s CRM system for small business helps nurture leads and customer relationships with automatic reminders and trigger-based communications. Give customers a seamless experience with an online portal where they can securely send messages, share documents and make payments.

Franchise marketing
Hub by Thryv is a franchise marketing platform with ready-to-use business apps where franchisees can view their jobs, appointments, messages, payments and reviews in a single location. Manage operations and view real-time tracking and analytics across 500+ locations.

Why customers love Thryv

Thryv provides small business owners with a single platform with all the tools they need to stay organized and to manage their business more efficiently. Thryv offers solutions for every aspect of the business – from attracting customers and managing schedules to accepting payments and nurturing customer relationships.

As a SaaS-based platform, Thryv delivers tools that can be accessed from any location, on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Owners and employees can log in once and access all the tools they need, rather than logging in to multiple platforms over and over throughout the day.

Thryv keeps data safe and secure through cutting-edge data encryption and customizable access controls. Thryv also integrates easily with existing business management software like QuickBooks, Gmail, PayPal and more, allowing owners and employees to continue using the tools they are familiar with while taking advantage of the power of the Thryv platform.

With Thryv, business owners have access to exceptional and unlimited customer service 24/7. Flexible training and hands-on onboarding help owners and employees get up to speed quickly. In-app chat, tips, videos and guides allow users to learn at their own pace.

Marketing Automation Tools FAQs

Your marketing automation tools questions, answered.

What are marketing tools for small business?

Marketing tools for small business are designed to simplify many of the tasks involved in creating campaigns, sending messages, monitoring progress and tracking interactions with customers. The most effective tools are those that integrate easily with other business and productivity solutions.

What’s the advantage of automated tools?

Automated tools reduce effort and simplify processes by automatically sending messages to the right audiences at the right time. Automated marketing tools for small business can help to save time, reduce costs, improve consistency, build customer relationships and ensure that businesses are reaching customers at the optimal time to improve conversion rates.