Franchise Marketing

Simplify expansion with franchise marketing tools

As your business expands to multiple locations and franchises, managing marketing for the brand and each location can be quite a challenge. Keeping marketing efforts organized grows more complex with each new location. Tracking and measuring results becomes more complicated as well, potentially compromising your ability to see what’s working and what’s not. And as a franchisor, you want to be sure that every marketing campaign reflects the personality and value proposition of the business while still connecting with the needs of each local community and location.

That’s where Hub by Thryv can help. As an do-it-all platform for franchise marketing, sales, management and CRM activities, Hub lets you manage nearly every aspect of a business with multiple locations – from one platform, with one login.

The challenges of franchise marketing

When adding new locations and franchises, businesses face several critical challenges as they seek to manage marketing with creativity, consistency and clarity.

Consistent messaging
While franchise owners may want to give each location some creative freedom in determining market strategy and messaging, too much variation in marketing messages between locations can compromise the brand.

Differentiating sites
Relying on a single, common website can reinforce brand consistency. Yet, this practice may not allow individual franchises to connect with their local communities or rank as high on search engine results pages.

Lack of organization
With a growing number of locations, franchise marketing can become chaotic and overwhelming. Franchise owners and managers need tools that allow them to methodically plan and launch marketing campaigns in a timely way. A unified franchise marketing solution can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to create, launch and track multi-location campaigns.

Confusing metrics
With multiple franchise marketing campaigns, the task of measuring and tracking results becomes exponentially complex.

Franchise marketing with Hub by Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all small business software platform that delivers tools for managing virtually every aspect of a business. With Thryv, small businesses have everything they need at their fingertips to find customers, organize their work, generate cash flow and build an online reputation.

Hub by Thryv is solution for small business owners with multiple franchises and locations. Built on top of Thryv’s powerful business management platform, Hub can help you attract, onboard and manage more than 500 locations. Hub helps your franchisees view and organize their jobs, messages, appointments, payments, reviews and more. With Hub, you’ll have the confidence that every location is running and growing on the same franchise marketing software.

Route new leads easily
Hub by Thryv’s Lead Router collects all leads in one place, automatically routing them to the most appropriate franchise location. Hub lets you assign access to specific employees to monitor leads and manage the new business pipeline.

Standardize the brand
Account templates help to ensure that every location has the franchise marketing tools they need to deliver a consistent brand experience for customers. As your business evolves and messages change, you can quickly update the software across all locations.

Track performance across every location
View real-time tracking analytics across every location from a single dashboard. Hub by Thryv reveals the best and worst performing locations, with filters for geography, number of appointments, average order value and much more.

Integrate with existing solutions
Hub by Thryv integrates easily with the platforms, tools and apps that individual franchisees already use, minimizing the learning curve while maximizing productivity.

Automate marketing campaigns
Thryv’s small business marketing tools help keep campaigns organized and on-message across multiple locations. Marketing automation tools make it easy to create trigger-based campaigns in just a few clicks. Thryv can even help with creative ideas, providing pre-made campaign templates that can be easily customized in minutes.

Simplify CRM
With Hub by Thryv, franchisors can manage, message and market to customers from one location, categorizing client records by information such as services received, date of last service, upcoming appointments, payments, conversations and more.

Streamline customer communication
Thryv’s centralized inbox displays every email, text and social media message in a single thread – no matter where it came from. Franchisees can manage every conversation from their inboxes, while franchisors gain visibility into all interactions to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Additional solutions for managing multiple franchises

Along with solutions for franchise marketing, Hub by Thryv provides additional tools to help you and your franchisees manage the business with greater organization and efficiency.

Building an online presence
Hub by Thryv provides tools to manage your business on Google Business Profile as well as your business information on 40+ top listings sites. With Hub, you can upload your business details once and have them posted across all sites, giving search engines greater confidence in your information and helping consumers find you faster.

Simplifying appointment scheduling
Thryv’s online booking lets customers go online anytime of the day or night to request or book their own appointments at times that work best for them. Your franchise employees no longer need to spend the day on the phone taking calls or playing phone tag with customers trying to book an appointment.

Eliminating missed appointments
Automated reminders sent by email or text help to minimize missed appointments and the loss of revenue they represent.

Streamlining document management
Securely request, store and share documents directly with franchisees, customers and other contacts. Track changes to documents easily so you always know which is the most recent version.

Giving customers more ways to pay
Hub by Thryv’s online payment processor gives clients the flexibility to pay the way they need – while allowing you and your franchisees to get paid how you want. Accept and process credit card and ACH payments, or allow customers to pay with sites like PayPal, Square, Stripe, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Why Thryv?

More than 40,000 small business owners rely on Thryv to manage their most important business functions. Thryv’s do-it-all small business management software delivers the tools that business owners and franchisors need to better manage their time, communicate with clients, get paid faster and build a successful business.

Thryv is the only small business platform that offers personalized setup and support from small business experts. Accessible by phone, chat or email, Thryv support specialists can be reached anytime to provide both technical expertise and business advice. Our team of client success partners works 24/7 to help you maximize the value of your Thryv subscription.

As a SaaS-based platform, the tools on Thryv and Hub by Thryv are available from any location, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. A single login gives you, your franchisees and employees access to comprehensive tools for running the business, without needing to continually log in to different platforms throughout the day. And cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access ensure that customer information and business data is protected from breach, theft, leaks and loss.

Franchise Marketing FAQs

Your franchise marketing questions, answered.

What is franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing is the task of preparing, launching, coordinating and tracking marketing campaigns designed to build awareness of a franchise brand and to drive customers to franchise locations.

What are the challenges of franchise marketing?

Coordinating and organizing marketing campaigns to promote multiple franchises can be a complex endeavor. Maintaining consistent brand messaging while allowing individual franchises some latitude is also a challenge. Automated marketing software can help to simplify these tasks by centralizing and automating many marketing functions and providing templates that can be customized for individual franchises and locations.