Small Business Software

Simplify your workload with the right small business software

When you’re running a small business, your to-do list is always a mile long. From sending out marketing messages and posting on social media to scheduling appointments, tracking customers and managing your reputation online, you may feel like you barely have time to get actual work done.

Small business software can help by automating many of the routine tasks of managing your day-to-day activities. However, with so many products performing so many functions, choosing the right solutions for small business can be a challenge.

Thryv offers small business software in a seriously powerful end-to-end platform that can transform your business and streamline your day. With Thryv, you have access to tools to simplify your day, automate tasks and delight your customers – while letting you get back to doing the work you love.

Choosing the best small business software

When you’re looking for small business software, there are several essential features that should be at the top of your list.

  • A do-it-all platform. While you may be tempted to buy individual tools with specific capabilities, choosing a do-it-all platform will serve you well in the long run. The right solution will combine tools for marketing, invoicing, scheduling, payments, customer relationship management (CRM), customer communications, reputation management and building your online presence. With one solution rather than a collection of small business software tools, you’ll save time and money while scaling easily as your business grows.
  • A single login experience. The right small business software should let you log in once to access all the tools you need, rather than having to bounce between different applications and browser windows while entering multiple passwords all day.
  • Software you can use from anywhere. As a small business owner, you need access to your small business software everywhere you go. Choosing a solution that you can access from anywhere on any device will help you and your employees stay productive all day long.
  • Integration with your favorite apps. From bookkeeping to your business email and website, you already have business tools you know and love. Any new small business software tools should integrate effortlessly with existing technology.
  • Cutting-edge security. When you’re handling payments and customer information, you want small business software that delivers the strongest security.
  • Support you can count on. From installation and training to upgrades and troubleshooting, there are times when you’ll need support – fast. Choosing small business software with 24/7 support ensures that you can keep your business running on all cylinders.

Thryv: A do-it-all small business management platform

Thryv small business software provides the technology, tools and automation that owners need to better manage their time, communicate with clients and take control of their business. With 20 industry customizations and a fully mobile interface, Thryv gives you access to the kind of technology previously reserved for big businesses.

What can you do with small business software from Thryv?

  • Nurture relationships with customers. Thryv’s customer relationship management (CRM) software lets you keep track of all your customers in one place. Custom fields are tailored to how you work and let find, filter and tag your contacts. Automated reminders help keep your business top of mind with clients, and a dedicated portal lets them log in to send messages, share documents, schedule appointments and make payments.
  • Streamline invoicing and payment processing. Interactive estimates, invoices and reminders for overdue payments help you get paid faster. Make it easy for customers to pay for services when they book appointments. Scan credit cards instantly on your smart phone to deliver the quickest payment experience possible. Let customers book and pay for packages of services in advance.
  • Automate customer communication. Thryv lets you handle all customer communications in one place. Receive text messages to your business phone number and instantly view every single message in client-specific threads. Let your customers communicate any way they want – with Facebook Messenger, SMS/text messaging, email or Google. View interactions between customers and your entire team so you can see how everyone contributes to customer experience.
  • Schedule appointments online. Give your customers the opportunity to request appointments online anytime, day or night. Sync multiple staff calendars and share them within Thryv. Reduce no-shows with automated reminders and in-app payment capabilities.
  • Enhance your reputation. Monitor what customers are saying in reviews and comments, issuing responses automatically – even when you’re too busy to do it yourself. Request reviews from happy customers at the optimal time. Get an in-depth analysis of how you rank against the competition – so you can take steps to outperform them.
  • Execute targeted marketing campaigns. Rely on marketing automation to trigger targeted campaigns with timely promotions and compelling calls to action. Create your own campaigns, or customize pre-written, ready-to-send texts and emails in Thryv’s massive library of templates. Measure your success with detailed analytics and insights so you can refine your efforts and improve results.
  • Strengthen your online presence. Manage your Google Business Profile to enable customers to easily find you and book your services. Sync your business info across 40+ listing sites – including Google, Facebook, yelp and others. Get a professionally designed website to promote your brand online and make your business as visible as possible.
  • Eliminate document clutter. Eliminate the file cabinet and paper clutter with secure document storage online. Request and share documents online so nothing gets lost. Track changes easily so you always know which is the most recent version.
  • Simplify social media. Share your story on social media and manage your social profiles from one place, on any device. Post or share instantly, or schedule posts and content in advance. Use Thryv’s library of customizable posts to get your message out with less effort.

Benefits of Thryv’s small business software

Thryv delivers all the features you need from your small business software solution.

  • Exceptional support. Thryv comes with unmatched, unlimited, 24/7 support – the only software of its kind with this level of service. We also offer flexible training and hands-on onboarding with every plan. Plus, you can learn at your own pace with our tips, videos, guides and in-app chat features.
  • Comprehensive solutions. Thryv provides a single platform with the small business software you need to streamline workloads and manage your business more easily. View your messages, calendar, payments and reviews from a central dashboard, and see where your business stands in an instant. With a platform of connected solutions, you can enter data once and use it in every area of your business.
  • Strong security. Thryv keeps sensitive documents safe with cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access. Payments are processed through the most secure platforms and vendors to protect your data, your customers, your money and your business.
  • Seamless integration. Thryv integrates easily with dozens of digital tools you’re already using, allowing you to add capabilities rather than needing to learn new tools. From Instagram, Twitter and Yelp to Square, Stripe and QuickBooks, you can continue using the small business solutions you’re already familiar with.
  • Flexible platform. With Thryv, you can access your small business software from anywhere, on any device, at any time.
  • One login. Thryv eliminates the need to log into multiple apps to manage your business.

Why choose Thryv?

Thryv delivers business software tailored to the needs of small business owners in a wide range of industries. Whether you’re looking for contractor software for small business, invoicing software for your restaurant, CRM solutions for your medical practice or reputation management features for your wedding planning business, you’ll find the tools you need on the Thryv platform.

Along with small business software for marketing, online presence, scheduling, communication, payments, social media and small business payment processing, the Thryv platform features solutions for franchise marketing that help franchisees run and grow their business. Our software has helped small business owners increase the average number of customers by 25%, and the number of appointments booked by 61%. Thryv customers have also seen an average annual revenue increase of 86% through bookings and payments.i

iStatistics based on average Thryv usage data over a 12-month period.

Small Business Software FAQs

Your small business software questions, answered.

What is small business software?

Small business software solutions are applications that streamline, simplify and automate the many tasks involved in running a small business. These may include invoicing clients, managing customer information and communication, booking appointments, processing payments, executing marketing campaigns, posting on social media and enhancing the online reputation of the business.

What’s important in small business software?

Small business software works best when it’s part of a do-it-all solution that lets business owners access the tools they need on a single platform. Small business software should integrate with existing solutions, rather than requiring owners to abandon tools they are familiar with and know how to use. Superior software will offer strong security protections for financial information and customer data while enabling owners and employees to access the tools they need on any device, from any location, at any time.

What is Thryv?

Thryv is a do-it-all small business management platform providing the tools that owners need to win business, manage work, get paid and build the company’s reputation online. As a SaaS for SMB solution, Thryv can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, delivering the flexibility that small business owners need to maintain productivity.