Marketing automation tools for small business

Choosing the best marketing automation tools for small business

Marketing automation has long been used by large companies to organize complex campaigns, massive lists and teams of marketing specialists. For years, the marketing automation tools for small business simply didn’t exist. But with the rise of SaaS-based software solutions, more small businesses today are incorporating automated marketing technologies that increase efficiency while improving results.

As an end-to-end platform with tools for managing virtually every aspect of your small business, Thryv offers easy-to-use text and email marketing automation software that can help you reach customers more easily while minimizing the time you need to spend on marketing each week. With Thryv, you’ll have access to marketing automation tools for small business that can help you boost revenue, nurture leads and be savvier with your marketing efforts.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to a software solution or app that automates many of the tasks involved in tracking and interacting with customers. Marketing automation for small business typically automates the tasks of sending email and text messages, posting social media content, reporting on marketing success and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers through regular, personalized communication.

Marketing automation tools for small business can automatically perform tasks in a fraction of the time it might take an employee to execute the same task manually. For example, a small business marketing automation solution can automatically:

  • Send a welcome email to every new customer immediately after their first purchase.
  • Personalize weekly promotions and monthly newsletters with content related to a customer’s purchase history.
  • Send an email greeting to every customer on their birthday.
  • Follow-up with customers two weeks after a visit or purchase to ask for a review.
  • Send a series of emails to customers who have signed up for an event.
  • Send automated text reminders for appointments or alerts to new offerings.
  • Produce reports that reveal the success of each marketing campaign and the areas where your business can do better.
  • Track each customer’s purchase history to inform and personalize future messaging.

Marketing automation tools for small business from Thryv

Thryv is an integrated platform with business management solutions that deliver exceptional tools for small businesses. From synchronizing business listings online and posting on social media to collecting payments and managing your reputation, Thryv can help you get your work done more quickly and efficiently –with a lot less effort.

Thryv’s marketing automation tools for small business let you take back lots of hours in your week by making marketing easier and more efficient. The Thryv platform includes several solutions that automate manual tasks and streamline marketing efforts.

Email automation
Thryv’s small business email marketing solutions let you configure targeted, trigger-based campaigns that automatically send messages to prospects and customers at the right time. From “Happy Birthday” greetings to “We miss you!” messages, email automation helps you consistently connect with customers to build stronger relationships and improve sales. Once you’ve created the message and determined who should receive an email and when, you can simply turn the campaign on and Thryv will take care of the rest.

Text automation
Thryv’s SMS text marketing software automatically sends thank you messages, automated payment reminders, digital receipts, requests for reviews and other communications, making sure you and your team follow-up with clients every time.

Pre-written texts and emails
When you’re short on creative inspiration, you can consult Thryv’s massive library of ready-to-send texts and emails for every occasion. Simply access a pre-written template, customize it for your business and send it with one click.

Build your lists
Use a customizable widget on your website to allow users to opt in to receive texts and email, expanding your customer list while staying compliant with laws around spam messages.

Track your success
From Thryv’s dashboard, you can view reports that track marketing metrics like the number of emails that were opened and viewed or the number of clicks and conversions. With Thryv, you can understand at a glance what’s working, what’s not and where you can improve.

Additional marketing tools on the Thryv platform

Along with marketing automation tools for small business, Thryv offers additional solutions for finding, nurturing and communicating with customers.

Online presence
Thryv’s online presence management tools let you upload your business information once and have it posted and synchronized across on 40+ trusted listings sites online, including Google Business Profile. By locking down this information, Thryv helps consumers and search engines develop greater confidence in your business.

Customer communication
Thryv customer communication solutions let you contact customers on the channels they prefer – text, email, Facebook and others. Keep conversations organized and view client-specific threads in a single inbox, allowing you to respond quickly and personalize messages.

Customer relationship management
Thryv offers a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution that lets you consolidate all customer data in one place, adding detailed insights to customer records and enjoying a customizable view of your leads. A secure, online portal enables customers to log in and securely send messages, share documents and make payments.

Reputation management
Enhance your online reputation by generating more reviews, monitoring comments online and automatically responding to reviews quickly – even when you don’t have time to do it yourself. Thryv can also produce reports that show how you rank against your closest competitors with an in-depth analysis based on customer reviews.

Why Thryv?

Tens of thousands of small business owners choose Thryv to organize their work and manage daily business operations more efficiently. Whether you’re looking to find more customers, simplify scheduling, generate more cash flow or secure your online reputation, Thryv delivers the tools to do it all in one simple package that integrates easily with the productivity solutions you already use.

Along with comprehensive business management tools, Thryv also offers a free mobile app that lets you take your business tools everywhere you go. No other small business management platform provides the kind of unlimited, 24/7 support you’ll find with Thryv, where you can always access customer support personnel who have both technical know-how and small business savvy. You’ll also find lots of free tools on our platform including a payment processing calculator, an invoice template, a review link generator, a product pricing calculator and much more.

Marketing automation tools for small business FAQs

Your marketing automation tools for small business questions, answered.

What are marketing automation tools for small business?

Marketing automation tools automate many of the traditionally manual marketing tasks like sending email, posting on social media, sending texts and compiling marketing reports. Marketing automation tools for small business are typically cloud-based applications that provide an affordable package of marketing tools specifically designed for the needs of small businesses.

What can you do with small business marketing automation tools?

With the right marketing automation tools, small businesses can dramatically reduce the time required to plan and execute marketing campaigns while improving results and boosting revenue.