Marketing automation for small business

The power of marketing automation for small business

When you mention marketing automation to most small business owners, they immediately assume it’s a technology that’s out of their league. They may be thinking about enormously complex platforms that enterprises use to manage behemoth campaigns and budgets, or technology that requires an entire IT team to keep it running smoothly.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find powerful solutions for marketing automation for small business today. From text and email marketing automation software to automated tools for nurturing leads, small businesses can take advantage of a broad range of tools and services designed to add more power and efficiency to marketing campaigns while minimizing time and expenses.

As a do-it-all platform for small business management, Thryv combines marketing automation for small business with tools for social media, scheduling, invoicing, communication, reputation management and more in a single platform. With Thryv, you can automate many aspects of your business to stay organized and manage everything more efficiently.

How marketing automation works

Small business marketing automation solutions automatically perform tasks like sending an email or a text when something specific happens. For example, a solution for marketing automation for small business might automatically:

  • Send a welcome email to a customer who has signed up to receive promotional emails on your website.
  • Offer email greetings to customers on their birthdays.
  • Follow-up with a customer two weeks after a purchase to ask how satisfied they are with their product or service and to solicit an online review.
  • Offer a special discount to customers who haven’t visited or purchased in the last 60 days.
  • Send a monthly email to every customer who has purchased a certain product, alerting them to offers on related products.

Marketing automation for small business may include messages sent via email and text, chat bots on your website that offer programmed responses to frequently asked questions, tools that automatically post pre-written content to social media at the right time, and automated reports that share details about each customer’s journey and how well marketing efforts are going.

Marketing automation for small business from Thryv

The Thryv platform offers everything small business owners need to stay organized and to work more efficiently. From online listings and social media to scheduling and reputation management, Thryv delivers solutions for managing virtually every aspect of your business.

Thryv’s marketing automation tools for small business make it easy to set up trigger-based, targeted campaigns that deliver maximum results with minimal effort.

Send email and text automatically
Thryv’s technology lets you write an email or compose a text and have it sent to customers automatically on certain dates, at specific times, or when certain conditions are met. Automatically send announcements, greetings, appointment reminders, promotions, newsletters and many other types of communications.

Create more powerful marketing messages
A massive library of ready-to-send texts and emails for every occasion makes it easy to create messages quickly, even when you don’t know what to say. Simply choose one of Thryv’s pre-created templates, customize it for your business and send it just one click.

Grow your audience legitimately
Customizable widgets on your website let customers sign up for automated emails and texts, helping you to grow your customer list while staying compliant with regulations about spam.

Track your success
Thryv delivers detailed analytics on the success of each message and campaign. View details about the number of opens, views, clicks, and other metrics of engagement to help understand what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

Comprehensive solutions for business management

Along with marketing automation for small business, Thryv offers solutions to help with virtually every aspect of running your company.

  • Online appointment scheduling tools let your customers go online day or night to book or request appointments at their convenience – without your team needing to answer phones all day long or return voicemails.
  • Online invoicing solutions allow you to send interactive estimates and invoices as well as automated payment reminders to help accelerate cash flow.
  • Customer communication tools help you reach customers on their preferred channel and manage every conversation from a single inbox, no matter where the messages originated.
  • Small business credit card processing solutions offer extremely competitive rates and transparent fees, while Thryv’s payment solutions give customers more ways to pay.
  • Online presence tools automatically synchronize your business details across 40+ listings sites – including Google Business Profile – to build credibility with search engines and help customers find you more easily.
  • Social media tools let you connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and publish content to all your social media platforms with just one click. Schedule content in advance and let Thryv automatically post it at the time that will deliver more visibility.
  • Reputation management services help you generate more reviews, automatically monitor responses and reply to all reviews within one business day – even when you’re too busy to handle it yourself.
  • CRM technology makes it easy to nurture relationships with prospects and customers, using a centralized database that lets you find, filter, tag and track your contacts easily.
  • Document storage and sharing solutions enable you to securely request, store and share documents directly with contacts online, eliminating paper clutter and making it easier to find, track and edit documents.

Why customers love Thryv

Thryv is a seriously powerful end-to-end platform for managing the daily workload of a small business. As a do-it-all solution, Thryv lets users log in once and gain access to all the tools they need to run the business, rather than repeatedly logging in to multiple applications throughout the day. Available from any location on any internet-connected device, Thryv integrates easily with common business tools like QuickBooks, Zoom, PayPal, Square, Gmail and many others, so owners and employees don’t have to give up the tools they know as they move to the Thryv platform. Unlimited support from small business specialists enables business owners to get the help they need 24/7. Cutting-edge encryption technology and custom access controls ensure that customer information and business data is safe from theft, breaches, leaks and loss.

Marketing automation for small business FAQs

Your marketing automation for small business questions, answered.

What is marketing automation for small business?

Small business marketing automation solutions eliminate the time-consuming, manual processes involved in many traditional marketing techniques. Email marketing software for small business, for example, helps create email templates that get automatically personalized for each customer and are sent on specific dates, after certain intervals, or when particular events occur. Automated text software can automatically send appointment reminders, payment receipts and thank you messages, ensuring that small businesses always remember to follow-up with clients.

What are the advantages of marketing automation for small business?

A superior marketing automation solution can dramatically reduce the amount of time that small business owners and their teams must spend on marketing each week. At the same time, the consistency of an automated marketing campaign improves communication and relationships with customers, resulting in higher sales, greater revenue and stronger customer loyalty.