Online Presence Management

Online presence management: the key to finding customers

When finding more customers for your small business is priority #1, building a stronger online presence is the best place to start. Your online presence consists of all the ways that customers encounter your business digitally – from your website, social media accounts and email marketing to online reviews, search results and business listings on Google and other sites. The stronger your online presence, the easier it is for customers to find you.

With superior online presence management, you can increase your local search rankings on Google and other sites and earn more clicks than your competitors. A professional website and strong online reviews build trust with prospective customers. Effective text and email messaging and active social media accounts help to nurture leads and develop loyal customers.

As a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses, Thryv provides everything you need to enhance online presence management. From optimizing your online listings to automating email marketing, Thryv lets you build a stronger online presence to help customers find you faster.

How to manage your presence online

For effective online presence management, you’ll need to increase your visibility with customers on several key channels.

Nearly 40% of consumers form their opinion of a business based on their initial user experience – which is often a website.i To make a great first impression – and build lasting customer relationships – you’ll need a website that looks professional, loads fast, works on mobile phones and provides all the information that customers are looking for.

Search engines are your best tool for finding new customers. When customers are looking for businesses online, you must make it easier to find your business than your competitors. Enhancing your online business listings online, earning more five-star reviews and protecting your online reputation can all help to increase your search rankings and help customers find you first.

Social media is a great way to show prospects and customers what your business is all about it. Active social media accounts can improve your ranking on search engines, help you reach new customers, and keep your business top of mind with your existing customer base.

Digital marketing
Email and text marketing are highly effective ways to reach prospects and customers directly with personalized messages and offers that increase sales. Even better, it’s easy to measure the effectiveness of these marketing channels, helping you to improve your results over time.

Enhance your online presence management with Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end solution with software for managing virtually every aspect of your small business. From scheduling and invoicing to small business CRM solutions and customer portal services, Thryv delivers everything you need to stay organized and run your business more efficiently.

Thryv’s tools for online presence management include:

  • Google Business Profile optimization services. Claim and manage your Google Business Profile to increase your search rankings and help customers find you more easily. Thryv can also sync your business info with 40+ additional listing sites to give customers and search engines more confidence in your business.
  • A client portal. Consumers today expect customer portal solutions that allow them to connect with businesses online and take advantage of self-service options. Thryv’s customizable customer portal provides a secure, online space where customers can log in to book appointments, share documents, make payments, view invoices and payment history, and access helpful information about your business.
  • Web design services. Thryv’s designers can create a professionally designed website with compelling calls to action. With a site from Thryv, you can attract more customers, book more business and make your business as visible as possible with top search engines.
  • Customized video content. Thryv offers a variety of customized video content that can help promote your business online. Choose from automatically generated videos, custom-built videos, video ads, social ads, website background videos and animated GIFs for emails.
  • Online reputation management. Thryv helps you understand how to build a good reputation in business and take control of your online reputation. Automatically ask customers for reviews at the most opportune times and get notified as soon they post online about your business. With help from Thryv, you can reply to all reviews within one business day, even when you’re too busy to manage the task yourself.
  • Social media tools. Connect your major social media accounts – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – so you can post content to every account from one place. Create and schedule content in advance and let Thryv automatically post it at the best times to maximize visibility.
  • Marketing automation. Set up trigger-based email and text marketing campaigns that automatically contact customers with the best message at the right time. Create messages with help from Thryv’s massive library of ready-to-send messages and templates for every occasion, customized for your area of business.

What else can you do with Thryv?

In addition to online presence management, Thryv offers additional software and small business solutions to help you manage your workload from one central location.

  • Invoicing and payment. Thryv’s software lets you issue online invoices, estimates and quotes that customers can view on their mobile devices. As a premier online payment processor for small business, Thryv can help you swiftly process credit cards at extremely competitive rates while giving your customers more ways to pay, so you can get paid faster.
  • Appointment scheduling. Thryv’s scheduling software lets customers go online at their convenience to book or request appointments. Thryv also automatically syncs calendars for you and your team so you’re never overbooked.
  • Customer relationship management. With CRM software from Thryv, you can consolidate your customer info in one central location, using detailed insights and customizable views to filter and track your leads and clients. Nurture relationships with automated communications that turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans.
  • Customer communication. Thryv provides a central inbox where you can interact with customers on any channel – email, text, social and others. Thryv lets you view all interactions related to each customer in a single thread – no matter where the message came from – so you never lose track of any messages.
  • Document storage and sharing. Store and share documents online to reduce paper clutter. Collaborate with team members and customers to edit documents online – Thryv automatically tracks changes so you always have access to the most recent version.

Why choose Thryv?

Thryv is the platform that tens of thousands of small business owners have chosen to manage their most important business processes. Thryv’s do-it-all business management platform delivers solutions to help you better organize the business, communicate with clients, work more efficiently and build a stronger business reputation.

Thryv is the only small business software platform that delivers unlimited support 24/7 from specialists who have expertise in managing small businesses and solving technical issues. During a hands-on onboarding experience, Thryv experts will populate each software solution with your business information and set up all the features that are important to your business. Thryv’s team of client success partners will work around the clock to ensure you get the most out of your Thryv subscription.


Online Presence Management FAQs

Your online presence management questions, answered.

What is online presence?

Online presence consists of all the points of digital interaction between a business and its customers. Online presence includes websites, social media, search engines and business listing sites on the web as well as email, texts and other digital channels.

What is online presence management?

Online presence management is the practice of ensuring that every potential point of contact with customers online will deliver an exceptional and consistent experience. Tasks involved in online presence management include ensuring that information is consistent across channels, refreshing and updating content, and providing online experiences that meet customers’ needs and expectations.