Document storage software

Control the clutter with document storage software

When your small business depends on documents, it may feel like you’re drowning in paperwork as your business grows. From issuing estimates and organizing customer records to getting signatures on contracts and approvals on proposals, it may feel like you spend most of your day managing documents and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

That’s where document storage software can help. By moving documents to an online storage repository and automating many routine tasks, the right file storage and sharing solution can simplify your workflow and minimize the time you spend on documents each day.

As a do-it-all platform with solutions for managing businesses more easily, Thryv offers document storage software that lets you store, request, share, edit and protect files more easily.

The benefits of storing documents online

When you use document storage software to manage your files online, you’ll discover lots of advantages that can ultimately boost your profitability.

Enhance your productivity
Document storage software puts an end to all the manual, time-consuming tasks of managing documents. You can request or share documents with contacts in just a few clicks, and search and retrieve files in seconds. Superior solutions will automatically track files and file requests for you, giving you a quick overview of the status of each document.

Access files anywhere
With solutions that enable online file sharing for small business, you can access your documents from any location on any device – smart phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. That means you’ll always have the documents you need at your fingertips, no matter where your work takes you.

Collaborate more easily
Many document storage software solutions enable multiple users to edit documents online, tracking changes so you always know which is the most current version.

Prevent breaches, leaks and theft
Cyberattacks like ransomware threaten businesses large and small, yet small businesses have fewer resources to implement state-of-the-art protection. The best document storage software providers invest heavily in cybersecurity solutions like encryption and anti-malware technology and can show customers how to securely store documents online using strong passwords and strict access controls.

Solve your compliance challenges
It can be hard for small businesses to stay on top of regulations governing how customer data must be stored and secured. The best document storage software solutions include the kind of security controls, audit trails and encryption that make compliance easy and automatic.

Thryv: document storage software – and so much more

Thryv provides end-to-end solutions that help small businesses find customers, manage the workday, get paid faster and manage their online reputation. As a cloud-based platform, our easy-to-use software can be accessed anywhere and everywhere on any internet-connected device.

Thryv’s online file storage for small business delivers easy-to-use tools for securely requesting, storing and sharing documents with contacts.

  • Thryv makes it easy to keep track of everything as you share documents back and forth, making sure you never lose track of important details.
  • Add files directly to Thryv’s document storage or request customers and contacts to upload files via a link.
  • Use file permissions to choose who can see what and when they can access files.
  • Keep track of the most recent version of every file as you edit documents with colleagues.
  • Mark documents as private to keep sensitive customer data safe.
  • Get updates and see new and revised documents the second they are available.
  • Upload multiple files at once.
  • Work with most common file types such as text documents, images, gifs, PDFs, spreadsheets and zip files.

What else can you do with Thryv?

From small business customer service solutions for boutiques to billing software for lawyers and appointment booking software for stylists, Thryv delivers solutions that help manage nearly every aspect of any small business. With Thryv, you can:

Find customers fast – and let them find you more easily

  • Enhance online listings to reach more customers.
  • Automate marketing campaigns to contact the right customers at the ideal time.
  • Boost your online reputation to rise above competitors in a crowded market.
  • Build credibility with Google and other search engines to let customers find you faster.
  • Simplify social media by publishing content from one location and scheduling posts in advance.

Manage your work and organize the day

  • Communicate with customers more effectively from initial contact through final sale and beyond.
  • Automate appointment booking, customer reminders and invoicing.
  • Get paid faster and let customers pay how they want.
  • Sync your team’s calendars, schedule projects and manage your day more easily.

Build your online reputation

  • Generate more 5-star reviews.
  • Respond to reviews and comments instantly to impress customers and make things right when reviews are less than stellar.
  • Monitor your competitors’ ratings to gain a competitive edge.

Why customers choose Thryv

Tens of thousands small business owners rely on Thryv’s end-to-end solutions to manage their business more efficiently. With Thryv, you can view and manage everything from a single dashboard, using a single login to access all the tools you need throughout the day. Access Thryv’s software from anywhere, on any device, allowing you and your employees to get work done at any time.

Thryv’s solutions integrate easily with the tools you’re already working with, including software like QuickBooks, Gmail, WordPress, Zoom and many more. Thryv’s highly secure platform ensures that customer data stays private and that your business files are protected from data loss, leaks and cyberattacks. Additionally, Thryv offers unmatched, unlimited, 24/7 support from live experts who have both technical know-how and business expertise.

Document storage software FAQs

Your document storage software questions, answered.

What is online document storage software?

Online document storage software allows companies to store documents in cloud storage sites rather than in local hard drives on site. Superior software simplifies document management, making it easier to search for, share, track and edit documents online.

What are the advantages of online document storage software?

By dramatically reducing the time and effort required to manage files, online document storage software helps to enhance productivity while cutting costs. Superior storage software dramatically reduces the headaches of tracking the status of documents – including the most recent version – and complying with regulations concerning the use and storage of customer data.