Small Business Customer Service

In small business, customer service is top priority

The digital age has provided small businesses like yours with a lot more ways to find customers. From websites to internet search engines and social media, online channels make it easier for customers to connect with your business. The real trick is figuring out how to keep customers coming back when the competition is just a click away.

Exceptional customer service is essential. Great customer service today is much more than a warm greeting, a smile and a thank you. Customers expect small businesses to deliver outstanding service at every level – and to quickly fix mistakes or errors along the way.

As a do-it-all solution for business management software, Thryv offers comprehensive solutions for managing your small business and improving small business customer service. With Thryv’s customer relationship software and automated solutions, you can continually impress customers while managing your day-to-day workload more efficiently.

Improving small business customer service

When you’re running a small business, customer service can be dramatically improved by focusing on these four priorities.

Delivering personalized experiences
One of the greatest benefits that small businesses have over larger competitors is the ability to connect personally with customers. Remembering customers’ names is one thing, but you can truly impress customers by forging a connection and identifying types of products they may like. You can build customer loyalty by sending personalized email messages to offering discounts for previously purchased products or an announcement message on new packages that match their preferences.

Making good on mistakes
Errors are part of every business, and sooner or later a mistake will jeopardize a customer relationship. The way you respond to a mistake can be the final blow in a poor customer experience – or turn the situation around and create a loyal customer. Because customers won’t always complain to your face, you’ll want to track customer comments online and respond promptly to any negative comments with an apology and an offer to make the situation right.

Showing appreciation
Customers want to feel valued. From thank-you notes and birthday greetings to promotions on their favorite products, there are lots of ways to remind customers that you appreciate their business.

Focusing on speed and convenience
Your customers have busy lives, so they are often impressed by faster responses and greater convenience. Offering self-service options – where customers can get answers to questions and take care of tasks on their own time – goes a long way toward strengthening the customer relationship. Giving customers as many options as possible when booking appointments, sharing documents, viewing invoices and making payments is a great way to improve small business customer service.

Thryv’s solutions for small business customer service

Thryv is an end-to-end platform offering solutions that can help you stay organized and manage your business more efficiently. Tens of thousands of customers rely on Thryv to find customers faster, streamline day-to-day workloads, improve cash flow and enhance their online reputation.

Thryv’s comprehensive small business solutions include a handful of technologies to help you improve small business customer service.

Thryv’s small business customer relationship management software makes it easy to manage customer relationships in ways that make sense for your business. With Thryv, you can keep track of all the details that let you personalize interactions with customers and prospects. Automated reminders help you follow up after every point of contact, and automated nurture campaigns help deliver better experiences for prospects and customers.

Customer portal
Thryv’s online portal gives customers a secure place online where they can log in to access self-service options, schedule appointments, make payments, share documents and communicate with your team.

Online scheduling
Thryv’s small business appointment scheduling software makes scheduling a breeze for customers while freeing your staff from having to answer phone calls all day long. With Thryv, customers can go online anytime, day or night, to book or request appointments at times that work for them.

Document storage and sharing
Thryv’s document management software lets you securely request, store and share documents with your contacts online. Users can upload and download documents at their convenience.

Marketing automation
Use Thryv’s email and text automation software to trigger targeted campaigns or one-off announcements such as birthday greetings or promotional offers. Create compelling content quickly with Thryv’s business email templates and text templates.

Customer communication
With Thryv, you can communicate with customers on their preferred channel – email, text, social and more – viewing conversations in a single thread from a central inbox. Thryv simplifies the task of providing the kind of clear communication that enables superior small business customer service.

Invoicing and payments
Thryv’s invoicing software allows customers to view invoices online and to pay in ways that are convenient for them.

Reputation management
Thryv helps you monitor customer feedback in response to positive and negative reviews within one day, even when you’re too busy to handle it yourself.

Benefits of Thryv’s platform

Trusted by more than 40,000 business owners, Thryv delivers all the features you need to run your business from one platform.

  • Productivity tools when you need them. You and your team can access Thryv software from any location, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. With Thryv, the tools you need to get business done are always at your fingertips.
  • Solutions that integrate with your existing tools. Thryv integrates seamlessly with the applications and platforms your team is already using – QuickBooks, Zoom, PayPal, WordPress, Gmail, Stripe, Square and many more. You don’t have to give up the technology you already know as you add solutions from the Thryv platform.
  • One login and one dashboard. Thryv lets you access the tools you need throughout the day without having to log in to different platforms all day long.
  • Exceptional security. Cutting-edge encryption technology and customizable account access help make sure that customer information and business data are always safe and secure.
  • Unparalleled support. Thryv is the only software that offers personalized setup and support from small business specialists who have both technical expertise and business savvy.

Why choose Thryv?

Thryv delivers business software customized for the needs of small business owners in a broad array of industries. Whether you’re looking for scheduling software for your medical practice, invoicing software for your law firm, CRM technology for your fitness studio or reputation management features for your wedding planning business, you’ll find the tools you need on the Thryv platform.

Along with customer management software for small business, the Thryv platform features software to help every small business owner operate more efficiently and organize the workday. Thryv solutions have helped small business owners increase the average number of customers by 25% and the number of appointments booked by 61%. Thryv customers have also seen an average annual revenue increase of 86% through bookings and payments.i

i Statistics based on average Thryv usage data over a 12-month period.

Small Business Customer Service FAQs

Your small business customer service questions, answered.

What is the importance of customer service in small business?

Delivering superior customer service is one of the ways that small businesses can best compete with larger companies. Exceptional customer service not only leads to repeat visits from clients but encourages positive word-of-mouth that can bring in additional business.

What’s the best way to improve small business customer service?

In addition to providing products and services of outstanding quality, small businesses can provide better customer service by offering greater convenience, being highly responsive and personalizing communications with every customer. Small business CRM solutions can help to track interactions with customers and record details that enable more personalized interactions.