Customer relations management software

Automate communications with customer relations management software

Taking care of clients and nurturing customer relationships is a huge priority for any small business. But when you’re wearing too many hats and your to-do list is mile long, it’s easy for customer relations to get moved to the back burner.

That’s where the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help. By automating routine tasks and important communications, you can continue to deliver the kind of personal touches that make clients feel special.

Thryv offers customer relations management software as part of a comprehensive platform filled with business software solutions. With Thryv’s <a href="/reference/crm-tools-for-small-business" target="_blank"CRM tools for small business, you can maximize the value of customer relationships while minimizing your effort and time.

The benefits of CRM software

When it comes to client experience management, superior CRM software offers lots of advantages over traditional tools like spreadsheets and handwritten notes.

Know your customers
CRM solutions can collect lots of information about your customers – their previous purchases, demographic info, names of children and pets, and even likes and dislikes. By analyzing these details, you can better understand the types of products and services your customers want and how to reach them most effectively. Segmenting customers into smaller groups lets you target each segment with specialized offers.

Deliver exceptional experiences
Customer relations management software lets you personalize interactions with each customer to enhance their experiences with your business. By remembering their preferences and tracking their previous purchases, you can offer discounts based on their favorite products, alert them to new products and services they might like, or have their favorite beverage on hand at their next visit, for example.

Encourage repeat visits
Customer relations management software can help you automatically perform the tasks that keep customers coming back. From automated appointment reminders and post-purchase surveys to newsletters and promotions, keeping in touch with your customers regularly keeps your business top of mind and encourages repeat visits.

Simplify communications
Customers today contact your company via lots of different channels – email, social, phone, web, text and others. Superior customer relations management software automates communication to interact with customers on the channels they prefer while minimizing communication headaches for you and your team. The best software will even help you draft content using templates and let you schedule email and text messages days or weeks ahead of time.

Refine your efforts
To continuously improve your marketing and communications efforts, your customer relations management software should make it easy to test techniques by tracking the results of each campaign and message so you can see what’s most effective with each customer segment.

customer relations management software from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform that offers all the tools small business owners need to communicate with customers, manage day-to-day activities and grow the business. Combining tools for marketing, social media, invoicing, scheduling, document storage, reputation management, websites and analytics, Thryv streamlines tasks and automates processes to simplify small business management.

Thryv’s customer relations management software enables you and your team to:

  • Centralize information. Thryv consolidates all your customer data in one place, combining information from spreadsheets, contact lists, purchase histories and personal notes. A single database lets you easily find, filter, tag and track contacts while custom fields let you organize data in ways that work best for you.
  • Automate campaigns. Thryv’s automated communications make it easy to deliver consistent and personalized communications that turn leads into customers and customers into loyal clients. Automatically send one-off announcements like birthday wishes or anniversary greetings or set up drip campaigns to nurture customers with regular communications that draw them closer to your business.
  • Offer a seamless experience. Give customers a secure portal online where they can log in to view their account information, send messages, share documents, make payments, schedule appointments and perform other tasks on a self-service basis.
  • Enrich customer research. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to identify their wants and needs and deliver experiences that fulfill them. Thryv’s automatic data enrichment features add details to each customer record by searching the internet and pulling publicly available data from social profiles, photos and more.

CRM as part of an do-it-all platform

Along with customer relations management software, Thryv offers comprehensive tools for managing your small business.

Simplify communications
Thryv Command Center centralizes communication and captures every conversation so you’ll never miss a message again.

  • Thryv’s unified inbox consolidates messages from all channels in one place, including interactions via email, text, social, phone and others.
  • A trackable business phone number makes voice and video calls a breeze.
  • Voicemail transcriptions delivered to your central inbox makes it easier to find, track and reference information hidden within audio voicemails.
  • TeamChat lets you communicate with employees easily via direct messages, group chats and photos you can mark up and share.

Save time
Thryv Business Center delivers efficient tools that let you spend less time pushing paper.

  • Give customers more ways to pay with digital payments and credit card software for small business.
  • Automate scheduling with online appointment booking software.
  • Automate email and text marketing campaigns, creating fresh content with easy-to-use templates.
  • Monitor online reviews and respond quickly with reputation management features.
  • Simplify social media by posting to accounts on major platforms from one location.
  • Store, share and edit documents online with document storage management tools.
  • Create interactive estimates and invoices online.

Find more customers
Manage your marketing and advertising from a single dashboard.

  • Optimize Google Business Profile and other local listings sites to help customers find you faster.
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with AI-powered insights and recommendations.
  • Build a mobile-friendly website.
  • Create compelling landing pages for paid ads in minutes.
  • Build and run smart campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and other channels.

Why choose Thryv?

Trusted by 66,000+ businesses, Thryv delivers everything you need to manage your small business with less effort.

  • Solutions wherever you need them. As a cloud-based platform, Thryv is available anywhere, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. That means the tools you need to run your business are always at your fingertips.
  • One dashboard with one login. Access the tools you need without needing to log in to multiple apps or browser windows all day long. One login gives you access to Thryv’s entire platform.
  • Integrated tools. Thryv’s solutions integrate seamlessly with the tools your team is already using – QuickBooks, Gmail, Yext, Indeed and many more. With Thryv, you don’t have to give up the tools you already know as you get up to speed on the Thryv platform.
  • Strong security. Cutting-edge encryption technology and customizable account access controls ensure that customer information and business files are protected from theft, leaks and data loss.
  • Unlimited support. Thryv is the only small business platform that provides personalized set up help and technical support from small business specialists, 24/7.

Customer relations management software FAQs

Your customer relations management software questions, answered.

What is customer relations management software?

Customer relations management software, or CRM software, helps businesses keep track of customer data, interactions and purchases to better nurture relationships with leads, prospects and clients.

What’s important in customer relations management software?

A superior CRM system should automate many of the routine tasks of managing customer relationships. These include capturing personal notes, tracking purchases and transactions, documenting communications, sending marketing messages and reminders, and updating contact records with detailed information.