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Build customer relationships with CRM solutions

When you’re running a small business, keeping customers happy is priority #1. Happy customers are loyal clients who return time and again. They’re also great ambassadors and your top source for word-of-mouth advertising. Yet, when you’re short on time and your to-do list is a mile-long, taking time to build and nurture customer relationships can be a challenge.

That’s where a great customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help. CRM solutions simplify the task of nurturing customer relationships by automating many routine but important tasks. A CRM system can automatically send thank-you emails to customers after each visit or purchase, or send birthday and anniversary greetings – without any help from you. CRM tools for small business can also help you personalize communications with each customer based on their profile, interests and history of interactions with your business.

Thryv offers CRM solutions as part of a do-it-all platform for small business management. With Thryv’s customer management software, you get a CRM solution that’s integrated with your client communications, email marketing and reputation management tools, making it easier to give each customer the royal treatment they deserve.

How do you know if you need a CRM system?

You may be wondering if you actually need a CRM solution. After all, adopting new technology can be a heavy lift for you and your team. Your answers to these questions can help you determine whether a new CRM solution would be helpful for your business.

  • Do you have one place to keep track of all client information? Your clients are likely to communicate with you across a broad range of channels – from email and telephone to text, DM, social and your website. To deliver superior service, you need to keep all your conversations for each client organized so you can track information and find details quickly. If your contact information and conversation histories are stuck in different systems, it can be hard to stay on top of customer relationship.
  • Are you able to personalize communications with each customer? Every customer has different expectations, needs and preferences. Ideally, the way you reach customers and the messages you communicate will be tailored to each person or each segment of your audience.
  • Is managing social media overwhelming? From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, your customers are all over social media. Engaging each patron on their preferred channel goes a long way to building better relationships. Yet, managing communications on multiple channels simultaneously is a lot.
  • Is your appointment calendar full? If you’re running a service-based business, a full schedule is essential for profitability. But if you lack the tools to automate scheduling and automatically send appointment reminders to prevent no-shows, keeping your calendar booked can be a challenge.
  • Can you see at a glance how well your relationship-building efforts with customers are paying off? Successfully reaching your customers with personalized communications and marketing messages is essential. But if you can’t easily measure the success of your efforts or see your progress, it’s tough to know what you’re doing right and where you should improve.

CRM solutions from Thryv

Thryv delivers the technology, tools and automation that owners need to operate efficiently, communicate with clients and grow their business. With customizations for 20 different industries and a fully mobile interface, Thryv gives small businesses access to the kind of technology usually reserved for larger companies.

Thryv’s CRM solutions help you organize, personalize and automate communication with customers to build stronger relationships, deliver exceptional experiences and enhance lifetime loyalty.

Customize your CRM tools
Thryv’s CRM solutions consolidate from multiple sources and let you tailor the way you work with customer information. Find, filter, tag and track your contacts in ways that make sense to you.

Kick CRM efforts into high gear
Thryv helps you become a client experience management expert. Engage and nurture every contact to turn leads into customers and customers into repeat business. Set up campaigns once and let Thryv’s automated customer engagement features do the rest.

Deliver a seamless customer experience
Give your customers a secure online portal where they can log in to view account details, send messages, share documents, schedule appointments, make payments and communicate with your team. A dedicated portal keeps your clients engaged and builds stronger relationships with each interaction.

Learn more about your customers
Thryv’s automatic data enrichment features search the internet for public information about your contacts and adds details to their customer records from social profiles, photos and other sources. The more you know about each customer, the better you can serve them.

What else can you do with Thryv?

Along with CRM solutions, Thryv offers comprehensive tools to help you improve efficiency and organization in every aspect of your business.

Simplify communication
Thryv Command Center centralizes all communications and makes sure you never miss another message.

  • A unified inbox consolidates conversations and messages across all channels – email, phone, text, DM and more. From one location, you can quickly catch up on messages and respond to customers on their channel of choice.
  • Manage voice and video calls with one tool. Thryv delivers voicemail transcriptions to your central inbox, so you can quickly find and reference customer information.
  • Stay connected to your team with TeamChat. Send direct messages and set up group chats to get updates in real time. Mark up and share photos to keep everyone on the same page.

Run your business
Thryv Business Center lets you spend less time on paperwork and more time on the work at the heart of your business.

  • Let customers book appointments online with an automated appointment scheduling solution.
  • Streamline creation of estimates and invoices to get paid faster.
  • Post to multiple social channels from one location and create fresh content from easy-to-use templates.
  • Organize documents efficiently with tools for online document signing, storage and sharing.
  • Provide customers with more ways to pay via digital payments.
  • Automate your email and text marketing campaigns.
  • Respond to online reviews quickly to manage your reputation.
  • Enhance and update your local listings so customers can find you faster.

Grow your business
Thryv Marketing Center offers a one-stop shop for promoting your business.

  • Build smart marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook and other channels.
  • Create high-performing ads in minutes with easy-to-use templates.
  • Get competitive insights and AI-powered analytics to measure your marketing success.
  • Create compelling landing pages with Thryv’s easy-to-use templates.

Why Thryv?

Over 50,000 small business owners have chosen Thryv for the tools they need to find customers, improve efficiency, stay organized and grow their business.

  • Access anywhere. You can use Thryv anywhere, on any device – mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. With Thryv, the tools you need to run your business are always at your fingertips.
  • One login. Thryv puts an end to multiple logins on multiple platforms. With Thryv, you can log in once and access all the tools you need.
  • Unlimited support. Access 24/7, unlimited support from specialists who have both small business savvy as well as technical expertise.
  • Seamless integration. Thryv integrates easily with QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Yext, Gmail, Indeed and many others, so you can keep using the tools you’re familiar with while adding the power of Thryv to your day.
  • Excellent security. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access keep your data safe and your customers’ details secure.

CRM solutions FAQs

Your CRM solutions questions, answered.

What are CRM solutions?

Customer relationship management solutions, or CRM solutions, centralize customer information, track customer interactions, and help businesses to understand customers’ wants, needs and motivations. With CRM solutions, businesses can enhance customer relationships by delivering more personalized communications and marketing offers.

What are the benefits of CRM solutions?

CRM solutions streamline the work of collecting, organizing, tracking and managing customer data. CRM software can automate many routine but important tasks to free up staff time while ensuring exceptional and consistent communication with customers.