Automated business software

Save time with automated business software

You started your business because to do the work you love. But as your business grows, most of your time is likely spent on less meaningful and interesting tasks like answering the phone, setting appointments, creating invoices and sending endless marketing emails. While these efforts are crucial to finding customers and maintaining cash flow, they often leave you with little time to actually getting work done.

That’s where automated business software can help. From automating appointment scheduling and marketing campaigns to automatically sending greetings to your customers on their birthdays, automated software can perform lots of routine but important tasks more quickly and consistently, freeing up time in your day to do the stuff you love.

As a do-it-all small business management platform, Thryv offers automated business software to run things more smoothly, deliver outstanding customer service and help your business grow.

The benefits of automation

Automated business software and automated customer engagement solutions offer lots of benefits for small business owners.

Saving time
Automated solutions save time by performing tasks at the right time without any help from you or your staff. For example, automated software may send emails to customers who haven’t been in contact in the last six weeks, or emails or texts to customers to remind them about appointments.

Improving customer relationships
Automated marketing services make it easy personalize communications with customers based on their preferences and purchase history, enhancing customer relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

Detailed data
Automated tools keep track of every digital interaction with your customers to provide a wealth of data about what’s working well and where you can improve.

A better bottom line
By performing tasks at the right time and with greater consistency, automated business software increases efficiency, improves sales and enhances upsell and cross-sell opportunities to boost your bottom line.

Automated business software from Thryv

Thryv’s end-to-end platform provides business software solutions all managed from a central dashboard and a single login. With comprehensive tools for finding customers, organizing work and growing your business, Thryv lets you and your team take advantage of tools and technologies that are usually reserved for bigger businesses.

Thryv offers automated business software that can benefit your business in multiple areas.

Appointment scheduling
Thryv’s automated booking software lets customers go online anytime 24/7 to view your availability and book or request an appointment. That means you and your staff can avoid answering calls and playing phone tag all day as you try to find appointment times that work for each customer. Thryv also automates reminders, sending emails or texts to customers ahead of each appointment.

Estimates, invoices and payments
Thryv’s software lets you quickly build interactive quotes and estimates online. Once the estimate is approved or the work is done, you can convert them to invoices with just a few clicks. Sending estimates and invoices via text and email lets customers approve and pay them online as well, eliminating lots of manual steps and helping you get paid faster.

Marketing campaigns
Thryv’s marketing automation platform lets you create an email or text once and have it automatically sent to thousands of customers at the right time. Thryv can send automated emails at certain dates or intervals or after specific events. For example, you can automate thank you messages to customers who made a purchase, or automatically send reminders to regular customers who haven’t booked an appointment in the last month.

Thryv’s automated business software can also automate follow-ups, helping you stay connected to customers. Automated communications might include exclusive deals on products that a customer prefers, or news about upcoming sales and new products and services.

Reputation management
Tracking and responding to online reviews and customer comments is essential to building your reputation. Thryv can automatically notify you whenever new reviews or comments are posted and help you respond within one business day.

Thryv’s comprehensive solutions

Thryv’s automated business software is part of a comprehensive platform for small business management. Thryv’s solutions are concentrated into three core centers of technology that help to streamline operations and organize day-to-day activities.

Communicate effortlessly with Thryv Command Center
Capture every conversation and never miss a message again.

  • Centralize communications with a unified inbox that consolidates and manages messages from all channels, including email, text, social and others.
  • Use a trackable business phone number for all audio and video calls.
  • Get transcriptions of voicemails automatically delivered to your inbox, making it easier to find, track, and process calls from customers.
  • Connect with your team via TeamChat, staying in touch with instant messages and group chats.

Make your day easier with Thryv Business Center
Spend less time in the office and more time doing work you love.

  • Nurture customer relationships with powerful CRM tools for small business.
  • Centralize customer communication in a secure online portal.
  • Give customers more ways to pay with digital payments.
  • Store, share and edit documents online and capture electronic signatures.

Attract new customers with Thryv Marketing Center
Manage your marketing efforts from a single dashboard.

  • Optimize your local listings and Google Business Profile to enhance your online presence.
  • Continuously improve your marketing efforts with AI-powered insights and recommendations.
  • Build a mobile-friendly website with Thryv’s small business website development services, using landing page templates designed to increase conversions.
  • Create social media posts in minutes with easy templates.

Why choose Thryv?

Thryv offers business management software that’s tailored for the needs of small business owners in a wide range of industries. Whether you’re looking for appointment software for your dental practice, invoicing software for your pet grooming business, a CRM system for your HVAC company or reputation management features for your café, you’ll find everything you need on the Thryv platform.

Thryv’s automated business software solutions can be accessed on any device, from any location. A single login means you can access the tools you need all day long without constantly logging into multiple platforms. Cutting edge encryption and customized account access controls help keep your data and your customer’s information safe and secure. Thryv integrates easily with QuickBooks, Gmail, PayPal, Zoom, and many other popular business productivity tools. And unlimited, 24/7 support from Thryv specialists ensures you can get answers to your questions any time of day.

Automated business software FAQs

Your automated business software questions, answered.

What is automated business software?

Automated business software helps companies to increase efficiency, consistency and accuracy by automatically performing many routine but important tasks. Automated business software can simplify tasks and streamline workflows around invoicing, marketing, appointment scheduling, customer relationship management, communications, and many other aspects of running a business.

What is the advantage of automated business software?

Automated business software can free small business owners and employees from routine and often tedious tasks, allowing them to work on more rewarding and higher value activities. Automated software also ensures greater consistency so that nothing falls through the cracks. By automatically personalizing marketing and communications for each customer, automated tools improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.