Ten years ago, 88% of CRMs were hosted on business systems. But today, 87% of CRMs are hosted in the cloud.

Hosting your customer data in the cloud has a ton of benefits. Here’s why your business needs cloud-based CRM.

Easy to Install and Use

CRMs used to take a big team of IT professionals weeks to install.

With cloud-based CRMs, all you need is a data connection or WiFi signal, and you’re good to go.

The best CRMs even work on your mobile device.

More Affordable

Cloud-based CRMs are also cheaper. No more:

  • Expensive hardware
  • Time-consuming installation
  • Painful training

The most you should pay for a cloud-based CRM is a one-time setup fee and a low monthly payment.

Better Integrations

The most important part of a CRM is what you do with it. Use it to nurture relationships and make more money.

Cloud-based CRMs are easier to integrate with:

  • Text and email providers
  • Social media accounts
  • Even payment processing systems