More and more advertisers are jumping on the social networking bandwagon, and many corporations are hiring professional marketers to represent their corporate presence online. That’s because they’re finding social networking is an extremely effective marketing strategy. However, there are some things that can quickly turn your social media presence into a nightmare. Here are some things to watch for before you post anything to your social media sites.

  • Don’t post when you’re angry or upset. Your post may come out negative or irritated, and that could turn off your followers. You should always post when you’re upbeat, positive, and anger-free.
  • Don’t mix politics and business. If you’re posting about your business, don’t let your personal feelings enter into the conversation, even if something you saw or read really made you angry. If there are things happening politically that affect your business or industry, converse about them, but don’t get too personal with your own political beliefs. Not everyone will agree with you, and you could alienate some of your follows. Rant on your personal site, but not your business site.
  • Don’t mass post your subject matter. For example, don’t post the same content on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. If you have followers on all three channels, you’ll just bombard them with the same messages, which can be extremely annoying.
  • Don’t whine about complaints with co-workers, customers, business partners, or competitors in public. Keep those things personal, they can be extremely embarrassing later on, even if you decide to delete them. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public.
  • Don’t ignore comments on your site. If you just post marketing remarks and then ignore the feedback, you’re going to turn people off. The goal with social media marketing is to build up trust between you and your fans and followers. If all you do is post and disappear, there’s really no reason for them to pay attention to the information you post.
  • Don’t ignore your sites, either. You should add content at least once every day, and more if you have more to say. If you don’t have time to update all your accounts, then think about using one main account to market your business, and delete the others. That will give you time to focus on your core business marketing.
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