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In Troubled Times, How Should Business Respond?

In Troubled Times, How Should Business Respond?

By | 06.14.16
In Troubled Times, How Should Business Respond?

In Troubled Times How Should Business RespondTroubled times re-focus all of us on the value of family and community. Whether your business is “charity driven” or “purpose driven” or just plain concerned – what’s the right response? We offer four approaches.

1.  Cause Marketing – Latest Fad or Good for My Business?

Cause marketing is a way to encourage your customers, vendors, and/or sphere of influence to do or buy a specific product – and in so doing, allow your business to donate to a cause. This provides a mutual benefit to your business and the cause you support…

2.  How to Increase Your Community Presence and Your Bottom Line

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the four marketing “P’s” of product, price, placement and promotion. But to remain relevant in today’s evolving marketplace, experts are saying you need to add a fifth “P” of “purpose” to your marketing plan. Purpose, in this case, means giving back to the community and using your brand to make a significant difference in the lives of others…

3.  Have A Favorite Cause? Involve Your Customers

If you have a favorite charity or organization, you might feel torn about taking your time away from the company to devote to volunteerism, especially when it’s a solo effort. If you involve your customers in your favorite cause, you can accomplish more for the organization and possibly strengthen your company’s image…

4.  Community-Based Marketing Ideas

There have always been tried and true ways for business to contribute to the community. Over the years, one of the most popular has been to sponsor a local baseball or soccer team, with the jerseys showing the name of your business across the backs of the players. Another method has been to join a local business group, such as the area Chamber of Commerce or the Rotary or Lions clubs. But here are a few ideas you probably haven’t thought of for community involvement…

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