Online Reviews Can Be CrazyOnline reviews. For small business owners, they can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Some companies have found new and inventive ways to bolster their business, convincing happy customers to write sparkling reviews. Others have been bitten by poor reviews, and a drop in profits. Either way, for small business owners, it’s a jungle out there.

That doesn’t change the fact that online reviews are an opportunity for the people of this great nation to act like lunatics, and say whatever is on their mind. We found some of the wildest online reviews and we want to share them with you.

First, here’s a two-star review for the Grand Canyon. Not Grand Canyon, the truck stop, or the knickknack store. The actual Grand Canyon.

Review of the Grand Canyon

Next up, we have a rave review for San Mateo County Jail. Looks like someone’s trying to get the Prison Guard’s favorite award.

Review of San Mateo County Jail

Here are some bites from anonymous folks who ate at anonymous restaurants and had less than stellar experiences.

Comment: “They delivered fried chicken to me that still had feathers attached to it.”  2.5 stars

Comment: “Just kneeling on the sidewalk outside and licking it will give you the same experience as eating there.  Well, ok, to be fair, the sidewalk will probably make you less sick.” 2 stars

Finally, here is one owner who fought back after receiving what she believed to be an unfair review. BAM!

Review of The Australian Grill Restaurant

Review websites are just one type of place your business could be listed, but there are others. While review sites are built to help connect customers and businesses, if your small business is not listed on them, then you are probably missing out on valuable opportunities.