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Cater to Smartphone Savvy Customers with Business Texting

By | 01.07.21

Cater to Smartphone Savvy Customers with Business Texting

Customers want to feel connected to the businesses they work with. They expect them to be available, or at least digitally available, around the clock. Incorporating business texting into your operations can both cater to your customer’s desire for simplified communication while simultaneously streamlining your day-to-day tasks.

This Call Could Have Been a Text Message

When texting first hit the scene it was considered fairly unprofessional. It was a fine way to communicate with your BFF Jill, but not with current or potential clients. Now, things have changed.

People favor texting, especially Millennials, with 53% saying they prefer text messaging over picking up the phone. Some reasons why: It’s more convenient and accommodates the texter’s schedule; it’s less disruptive; and let’s face it, checking voicemails is time-consuming and annoying.

Conclusion: Let your customers talk to you how they want to, through business texting. Thryv users can enable your business to send and receive text messages from your landline number.

No need for your clients to figure out which number is for calling and which is for texting. The best part: All messages can be monitored from the Thryv dashboard.

How Can Business Texting Benefit My Business?

When it comes to your company, business texting is faster, more convenient and more likely to be opened by your patrons. Text messages have a 98% open rate. That’s just a tad better than the 6-20% open rate you can expect from emails.

Plus, since your customers need to opt-in to receive text messages from your business, your texts are automatically going to a more engaged audience.

Additionally, text messages aren’t armed with spam filters the way emails are, meaning your text message will likely reach your intended recipient.

Product Offering and Promotions

SMS messaging is a fantastic way to share new product launches, promotional offers or coupons with your clients. With most messages being opened within 3 minutes, texting about a limited-time deal can create a sense of urgency or excitement about your offering.

In addition, mobile shopping is now the preferred option for most people. In fact, according to Thinkwithgoogle, 59% of shoppers say they do online research before making a purchase.

Meaning, even if your customer ends up purchasing in-store, their customer journey likely started on a screen. So, send promotions and offerings right to the source of their shopping journey, their phones. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • New Product or Service Offerings: “Hi Kevin, we’re super excited to announce our new pet grooming service. Save 20% when you book your first appointment!”
  • Offers and Flash Sales: “Take an extra 20% off your purchase TODAY ONLY. Head to the store or visit our website to save!”
  • Special Occasion Discounts: “Happy Birthday Sara! As a special birthday treat, use code HAPPYBIRTHDAY for 20% off your next appointment. Book here.”

Appointment Reminders

If you have an appointment-based business, the last thing you want is for your client to no-show. Cut down on missed appointments by sending a friendly reminder to your client.

  • Appointment Reminder: “Hi Sara, Don’t forget, your appointment with Jennifer is tomorrow, Jan. 7 at 10:00 am. Reply Y to confirm or X to cancel.”

In addition, automated appointment reminders and follow-ups free up your staff from mundane tasks and helps to build repeat business.

Satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are vital to improving the customer experience. Rather than providing your client a link to an online survey at the bottom of their receipt or in an email, send review requests through business text messages. Not only is it easier for your customers, but it’s also more likely to get results.

  • Ask for Reviews. “Thank you for your recent visit. On a scale of 0 😞 to 10 😃 how satisfied were you with your visit?”
  • Fill out a survey: “Hi Kevin, how did you like your pet grooming service yesterday? Take 2 minutes to fill out a brief survey, here.”

COVID Announcements and Updates

Let your clients know what you are up to. Particularly now, with COVID, we’ve had to learn to pivot on the regular. Whether you are a restaurant now offering curbside pick-up or a lawyer providing virtual meetings. Keep your customers in the loop through text message updates.

  • Announcements: “Due to COVID-19 our annual event is now virtual.”
  • Service Change: “Our dining room is closed but our kitchen is OPEN! Click here to place a carry-out order.”


ThryvPay, ThryvPay app, payments

Due to the pandemic, people are in search of a safer, contactless customer experience for just about everything, from curbside pick-up options to virtual meetings. This includes how payments are made.

According to Mastercard Contactless Consumer Polling shift in consumer behavior is particularly clear at checkout, as people express a desire for contactless and voice concerns over cleanliness and safety at the point of sale.

With Thryv’s pay by SMS text feature, you can send invoices and receive payments through text messaging.

  • Payment reminders: “Hi Sara, this is a payment reminder for your XX. Please follow the link here to make a payment. If there is an issue, reply to this message.”

You may ask why should I make the switch to contactless payments? It’s not as if the pandemic is going to last forever. Well, contactless payments are here to stay with 74% of people saying they will keep using contactless payment post-pandemic.

Business Texting For Your Business

It’s a new year, why not try something new and begin communicating with your clients or patrons on their terms. With business texting your messaging goes right to your client’s best friend, their phones.

Through text, your customers can respond quickly and provide feedback, you can automate reminders and payment requests, and you know your messages are getting opened.

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98% of text messages get opened. Do yours?

Get regular tips on the latest in mobile marketing.

98% of text messages get opened. Do yours?

Get regular tips on the latest in mobile marketing.

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