Are you looking to sharpen your blog writing skills? Today’s infographic, “Secrets of a Killer Blog Post”, highlights a key component of strengthening the credibility of your blog posts – references! Yes, we’re going back to high school with this one, folks. All the key components for that senior research paper can also be used as a strategy for firming up your blog posts.


  • Most importantly, you want to make sure you’re using reliable information for your research. There is a ton of information on the internet and not all of it is factual or accurate. Make sure you know how to evaluate a source to use for content for your posts.
  • Use research to find engaging and interesting content for your post. Definitely go beyond finding quotes. Images, infographics, and videos all provide visual interest to your posts while also providing additional information.
  • Go beyond the basics of using Google. Social platforms like Twitter provide advanced search features that let you discover public opinion or engaging content on countless topics.


  • Understand and follow copyright laws. Despite what many people believe, there are copyright laws that apply to the internet. That said, there are no rules for…
  • Citing your sources. Unlike high school, there is no manual of style that applies when citing sources on the internet other than links. Be sure you give credit to the source of your information or the content you share by linking back to the source in your post.
  • One of the benefits to linking to sources is “Ego-baiting”. When you link to a source, the author of that content may be willing to share your blog post, thereby expanding the audience.

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post