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How Does Dex Media’s Search Engine Optimization Service Work? (Video)

How Does Dex Media’s Search Engine Optimization Service Work? (Video)

How Does Dex Media’s Search Engine Optimization Service Work? (Video)

Dex Media’s Search Engine Optimization Service help make your website as visible and prominent as possible on search engines like Google® search, Yahoo!® and Bing™. Increasing your visibility helps you appear higher in organic search results, making it easier for consumers to find and do business with you! For more information, visit the: SEO Services Product Page.

How Dex Media’s Search Engine Optimization Service Works:

[Video Transcript]

Improving your visibility is key, especially online!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of increasing your online presence within the unpaid area on search engine results pages.

Dex Media’s SEO program helps you appear higher in these search results, making it easier for customers to find and do business with you!

Our experts work with you to determine the highest converting keywords and phrases for your business. We develop and optimize your online presence so that your website is trustworthy and relevant in the eyes of search engines.

This will help you rank higher when consumers are searching for your products and services. We offer the optimal mix of technology and personal account management to improve rankings, which will improve visibility and boost traffic to your website, so you can do what you do best—focus on your business.

Why SEO is important to You

  • Increases your opportunity to be chosen
    • Optimizing your website helps to ensure your business appears higher and more often in the free and map sections on search engines like Google search, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • SEO experts optimize your website
    • In addition to targeted keywords, our experts use article generation, blog posts, links to relevant sites and distribution to enhance your site.

The Dex Media SEO Difference

  • SEO Experts
    • We optimize your website and local places page with relevant keywords and content recommendations using a broad set of SEO tools to help you appear above your competition in organic search results.
  • Improved Website Relevancy
    • Our team of experts create informative articles and blog posts that link back to your website to build meaningful content that helps make your website more appealing to search engines.
  • Fully Transparent Reporting
    • We show you exactly what work is being done on your campaign to improve your visibility and prominence.
  • Maximizing your Investment
    • Our highly efficient process utilizes an optimal mix of technology and personal account management to drive better results.

Interested in learning more? Visit The SEO Services Product Page


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