The time to apply for a new gTLD (custom domain extension) has come and gone. What exactly does this mean? It means that instead of the standard .com, .net, and .org, anything you want is up for grabs. From .abudhabi to .yellowpages, anyone with the cash could apply for their own domain extension.

New ICANN gTLD Domain Extensions

There were 1,930 new domains applied for in all. Some of them were companies protecting their brand, others will try to use these for SEO, and a few were just pure speculation.

After reviewing the list, it’s clear that there were a few extensions on everyone’s list. Below I listed the most sought after new gTLDs, along with the number of applicants going after it.

It’s clear that while technology has changed over the years, the primary purpose of the Internet remains the same. Shopping, entertainment, and business are still major players.

Most Popular New ICANN Domain Extensions (gTLDs)

Domain Extension# of Applicants
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