No List No Problem - Every Door Direct MailEvery Door Direct Mail is a brand new direct mail service for local businesses from the U.S. Postal Service. It lets you saturate a town, area, neighborhood or ZIP code with your marketing message.  You don’t need a mailing list or postal permit, and you don’t have to print any names or addresses on your mailings either. What could be easier than that?

It’s great for retailers, auto dealers, restaurants, doctors, attorneys, dry cleaners, Realtors, business services and other local businesses that want an easy way to go “door to door” without stepping outside. The new direct mail option is both flexible and cheap (rates start at 14.2 cents). You can mail up to 5,000 pieces (3.3 ounces or less).

The USPS has created a handy step-by-step online tool that helps you create customized mailings. It includes:

  • A cost estimator
  • A search feature to locate the postal service carrier routes near your business that you may want to use for the targeted mailings
  • A filter that lets you limit your mailings to residences only, businesses only, or both.

And here’s a great way to make your direct mail work even harder for your business – include a QR code on every mailing. Putting a QR code on any item turns it into a live link to your website or online business profile. Anyone who scans the code using a QR code scanner on their smart phone will immediately see more information about your business. In addition to using QR codes on direct mail pieces, local businesses are getting extra marketing mileage by using the codes on everything from register receipts, business cards and product labels to invoices, coffee mugs and T-shirts.

Here are four ways local businesses are using Every Door Direct Mail:

  1. Invitations: They’re a great way to invite customers to a grand opening, reopening or other special event.
  2. Making offers: Include a coupon – or a link to your online coupon – in your mailing. This gives customers a reason to pay attention.
  3. Sale announcements: Got a holiday, clearance, anniversary or other sale coming up? Let the world (well, your world at least) know about it.
  4. Publicity: Let the neighborhood know when you are participating in street fairs and other community events.

The possibilities are almost endless. A roofing company, for example, could target areas with older homes that might have a need for roofing repairs. A pizza restaurant could mail a coupon good for the day a sporting event will take place that you know will generate a need for pizza.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit the Every Door Direct Mail site to register your business.
  • Define whom you want to reach: Identify your target area by city, neighborhood or a specified distance from your business.
  • Find mail routes that match your target area using the search tool on the website and obtain the number of addresses and estimated postage costs.
  • Prepare documentation forms and your printed mailings using the format shown on the site.
  • Bundle and submit your mail pieces (or have your local printing shop do this for you).
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