As one of the main players in the advertising industry, SuperMedia has implemented a new program, known as the SuperGuarantee, to differentiate itself from competitors and prove to consumers that they can trust local business owners. This program, developed in 2009, has become a major success for business owners and consumers alike, since it helps small businesses show that they can provide quality services and gives consumers peace of mind. Here are some details about the SuperGuarantee and how it can benefit you:

How the SuperGuarantee Benefits You

The SuperGuarantee program provides you with a way to spot the good guys — local business owners who can provide you with the highest-quality services. This program also gives you peace of mind when you hire contractors, caterers, plumbers, and thousands of other eligible service providers, since it guarantees your complete satisfaction with the services you receive. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with a specific service, SuperMedia will step in to help make things right or reimburse you with as much as $500.

Another way that the SuperGuarantee program benefits you is that it gives you an opportunity to rate and review specific businesses, so you can help spread the word about positive experiences you have had with a certain company.

How the SuperGuarantee Works

To find local businesses participating in the SuperGuarantee program, you can visit or browse the Verizon and Fairpoint Yellow Pages. Companies backed by the program have a shield listed in their ads, so they are easy to spot. To register the job you want a certain company to complete, all you need to do is visit, where you can enter the job and contact details. This allows you to cover your service before it even begins.

The SuperGuarantee is one of the best ways that SuperMedia has distinguished itself from other advertising companies, since it gives you complete peace of mind when you hire a local business. Not only can this help you find companies you can trust, but it also makes sure you are completely satisfied with the services you receive.

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