New research by BIA/Kelsey shows that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the Home and Trade Services vertical still rely heavily on newspapers for the bulk of their advertising and promotions. A large portion of their ad dollars also goes to print yellow pages and direct mail. In fact, they were the only vertical in the survey with print yellow pages in their top 5 most popular media for advertising and promotion.

Here is a complete breakdown of the top 5 for this vertical:

  • 50.4 percent – newspapers
  • 43.1 percent – Facebook
  • 36.2 percent – print yellow pages
  • 32.5 percent – direct mail
  • 30.2 percent – website

The reliance on traditional advertising methods for the Home and Trade Services Vertical is expected to lessen over the next few years with digital media becoming more significant.

They spent on average $12,573 in Q3 2014 for advertising versus an average of $19, 238 in Q3 2013. The majority of SMBs in this vertical don’t expect to increase their ad budget in 2015, but rather, spend about the same. Only 20.8 percent said they will increase their budgets. The portions of their budgets allocated to digital media is now on average around 24.7 percent but is expected to increase to 27.7 percent over the course of the year.


Ackley, Suzanne. “Home and Trade Services SMBs Heavily Use Newspapers and Yellow Pages in Their Ad Mix”. 1/27/2015.