Social media may not seem as natural a fit for plumbers as say bakers — or at least, it’s not as visual. But as it turns out, plumbers are a creative bunch. So here we’re spotlighting how plumbers use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but really, these are tips that apply to any profession.

1. Establish yourself as a pro by sharing industry-related tips.

2. Celebrate your successes!

3. Tweet about causes that matter that are related to your business. We saw this one because it was retweeted by @Desertplumber. (Btw, it’s always smart to share the love and throw in some retweets here and there!)

4. Quick facts are always great for social media. Here we have a fact that shows how people can lose money if they don’t use your services. A good fact to share indeed.

5. Demonstrate you’re on top of trends in your industry — plus it’s good eye candy.

6. Definitely definitely show off your work.

7. And show your people too, especially if they’re having a bit of fun, like these folks from a family-owned plumbing business.

8. Industry jokes are always a smart choice for social media. Plumbers are lucky in that they have no shortage of them.

Here’s another industry joke — and OK, this one comes from us and not plumbers, but we cycle fun plumber content through our feed (so, plumbers, follow us!), and this is one of our favorites.