Here’s Part 5 in our series of posts on how to promote your Facebook Page in response to questions we received after our successful Facebook for small business webinar. Previous installments included best practices for promoting your Facebook page on websites/blogs/newsletters, email, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Today we tackle the latest social phenomenon: Pinterest!

Because I’m already on Pinterest, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process to add a Facebook link to your Pinterest profile if you’re already a member of Pinterest. The steps shouldn’t vary much for a new user.

Step 1

You can have a live link from Pinterest to your personal Facebook profile but, currently, not to your Facebook business page. To do the former, go to the arrow by your name in the right-hand corner of your Pinterest profile. Click on the arrow to get the drop-down menu and select Settings.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through Pinterest

Step 2

Next to “Link to Facebook,” click the Off button to On and then click Save Profile.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through Pinterest.2

You’ll get a pop-up that says Log In with Facebook. Select it.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through Pinterest.3

Step 3

When you go back to Pinterest, you’ll now have to option to Add Pinterest to Facebook Timeline. Select this only if you want to broadcast your Pins to Facebook. If you’re a heavy Pinterest user, you may not want this because your Pins can inundate your friends’ or customers’ Tickers on Facebook. If you like, you can also Find Facebook Friends on Pinterest to follow your friends pinboards.

Make your selections and then click Save Profile.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through Pinterest.4

When you go back to your Pinterest profile page, you’ll have a little clickable Facebook symbol.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through Pinterest.5

Full disclosure: I went through these steps to demonstrate how to connect to Facebook from Pinterest but then disabled the feature. My Pinterest profile is affiliated with my job and connecting it to my personal profile page doesn’t make sense for me personally. But if you are your brand and don’t need to separate the two, Pin away!

Another option: You can include live links to your Facebook page in your Pinterest photo captions. Doing this sparingly can help get the word out about your Facebook page.

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