How to Place Images on Your Facebook PageThe right images can go a long way toward marketing your business on your Facebook page and making it more appealing to potential customers and clients. Uploading images is easy and just about every photo-sharing service and app now includes simple, built-in tools for including your latest pics on Facebook. Here’s how you do it:

1. Pick Your Profile Pic

  • For starters, you’ll want at least one Profile picture, which is displayed in the upper left corner. To do so, hover over the default image of a question mark there and click on the Change Picture link that appears. Facebook recommends that Profile pictures be 200 pixels wide, while the height can be up to 540 pixels. Keep in mind that the taller your image, the more it will push down the menu options below it.
  • Facebook will automatically crop your image to generate the thumbnail that appears throughout the site (in the News Feed, for example), so keep your business name or logo within the middle 176 pixels, if possible.
  • Your image will automatically be placed in an album called Profile Pictures.

2. Begin to Build Your Photo Library

  • If you have just created your Facebook page, you will automatically find yourself on the Get Started page, which highlights a number of options for building the page out. Add Your Photos is first on the list. Or you can use the Photos link in the left side navigation menu and click on Add Photos or Upload More Photos.
  • You will be prompted to organize your photos by album. Depending on your business, albums to consider creating include Satisfied Customers, Friendly Staff, Featured Offers, your location and special events.
  • Photos will also display along a photo strip (image ribbon) at the top of the page. The maximum display is five photos and it looks better if you have five. One of the images will be your Profile image. If you have more than five photos in your photo library, the photo strip will display five randomly selected images from among your photos.

3. Manage the Image Ribbon

  • Because the five images running along the top of the Wall page are pulled from among your image albums, be sure to only include photos that you want to prominently feature. And because they appear at random, don’t bother to make them add up to one big banner image.
  • A click on any of the images reveals a larger photo viewer, with space for the text description of that image, so be sure to fill those in when you upload your images. Feel free to include hyperlinks.
  • Thumbnail-size versions of your images are created automatically, so for best results, use images that are 970 pixels x 680 pixels or some variation of the 1.42:1 ratio.

4. Keep It Going

  • Once the basics are covered, you should plan on how and how often you want to add more photos to your page. New photos will appear in your news feed, which can help keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds.
  • To facilitate consistency in your photo posting, be sure to use the functionality of any photo services you are using. Most of them easily allow you to share to Facebook.
  • Google’s Picasa photo-sharing service features an Uploader dedicated to photos on your account.
  • You can set up sharing of your public photos on Facebook when you upload to Flickr.
  • Free photo-sharing app features direct integration with Facebook.

5. Leverage Your Fan base

  • You may also want to encourage your customers to tag your business in their own photos. If they do, their images will appear on your photo page. You may even want to provide some incentive for your customers to tag your business by providing a freebie or small discount.
  • You can always remove the tags if you don’t like the customers’ photos. Make sure to check your page frequently to remove any tags from photos that you do not want associated with your business.
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