How Facebook Questions Can Promote Your Business PageFacebook Questions offers a quick and easy way to help keep your customers aware of your business page.  Posing the right Question can encourage participation from your page’s fans and prompt discussion of a topic that you have chosen.  At the very least, it will remind your audience that your business is out there.  At best, it can spread the word about your business beyond your current group of fans.

It’s Ready When You Are

  • Facebook’s questions and answers app, Facebook Questions, is located right alongside the other main Share features, making it as easy to pose a question to your page’s fans as it is to post a status update.
  • The Questions app is available by default, with no app installation required.
  • To access it, navigate to your Wall via the left side navigation menu.  Near the top, under your photo strip, are your Share options.  A click on the Question link will reveal a drop-down with a field in which you can type a question.

Choose Your Topic and Tone

  • If you prefer, your Question can be light and humorous and only slightly related to your business (or not at all).  Even a humorous question – about the weather or what a favorite sports team will do – can engender positive feelings toward your business and help keep your business in your customers’ minds.
  • If you want to project a more professional image, you should pose a question that is relevant to the products or services you offer.  For instance, you could ask your Page’s fans what kind of special offers they might be most interested in or what your business could do to serve your customers better.  As a result, you will gain valuable insight into your customer base or promote the newest or best aspects of your business.

How to Frame the Feedback

  • Questions can be made open-ended or feature preset answer choices in a poll format.  Open-ended questions can be risky because you can’t control what your respondents will say.   The goal is not to generate heated debate or snarky comments, but to remain professional while posing a business-related question or some amusement.  Therefore, you might want to offer some options for them to choose from, making it easier for them to answer too.
  • To do so, click the Add Poll Options link below the text field where you have typed your question.  To limit your respondents’ options to only the ones you offer, uncheck the “Allow anyone to add options” box.  To let respondents add their own, leave that box checked.

What Your Fans Will See

  • If one of the fans of your business Page clicks on a News Feed item about a Question, a pop-up will appear that allows them to answer without losing their place in the feed.  Their response will appear as an item in their friends’ News Feeds, and those friends may then opt to answer the question themselves.  And that’s where things get interesting — and potentially getting you new customers.
  • Unfortunately, Facebook’s analytics tool, Facebook Insights, is not connected to Facebook Answers, which limits your ability to use it for market research.
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