Are you ready to crush the busiest retail season of the year? It’s time to start your holiday marketing. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to prepare for any and everything, and the next two months are vital. If you don’t have a plan in place, there’s no need to worry. We’ve never left you unprepared, now have we?

With COVID-19 conversations still looming, and the success of the 2018 and 2019 test runs, it seems that the future of Black Friday Weekend sales will be online. The holiday sales cycle has begun earlier will each passing year, and that’s good news for businesses not yet functioning in their brick-and-mortar facilities.

Regardless of what the “new normal” may look like, one thing remains the same — a good holiday sale is always welcome. Because of this, you can expect your holiday marketing emails to have higher open and click-through rates than usual. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to it.

Be a Holiday Hypebeast

Who doesn’t love a little anticipation? Up the ante by creating nurture campaigns. A series of Black Friday and end-of-the-year holiday emails are sure to help keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

With so much going on there’s no need to spend hours on your laptop creating and pushing holiday email campaigns all day. With marketing automation, you can be the greatest marketer you never hired.

Automated marketing means you’ll never forget to send notifications about promotions again. You set it once and it pops in their inbox when it’s supposed to. Use detailed analytics to tap into key insights like how many opens, view, clicks and other metrics that your emails receive.

Keep in mind: There’s no need to flood their inbox. Just 3 simple emails will get the job done.

The Teaser Email

Get your customers in the know and ready to save this holiday season. This is a great way to help them budget ahead of time. Our only goals here are to tease some deals to pique customer curiosity and spill the details they need. 

Make sure the information is clear with the 4 Ws

    • Who: Make sure you’re well branded. Customers need to remember where they’re heading to do holiday shopping. 
    • What: This is the reason we’re here so scream it from the rooftop. “We’re having a Black Friday sale with can’t-miss deals! Get your holiday shopping out of the way now!”
    • When: Be sure to share the specific date and run time. There’s nothing worse than customers missing the event and you missing out on holiday sales.
    • Where: Your customers want to know where and how they can get in on these holiday deals. Don’t leave them hanging. Is it in-store and online, or just one?

The Live Email

Don’t count on your customers having great memory or even the dedication to write down sale information. When you launch your sale, shoot over an email. Don’t let your sale slip their mind.

Don’t stress over email copy. This can be similar to the initial teaser email if you’d like.

  • Update your call-to-action and the copy to reflect that the sale is now live.
  • Push FOMO so customers understand that if they wait too long, they’ll miss out.
  • Have fun with your design. Make the wording burst with the excitement you want your customers to feel.

The Closer Email

This is the last chance to get those customer carts checked out both in-person and online. Don’t be afraid to push a sense of urgency. The clock’s ticking. Make this easy on your customers by adding one clear call-to-action.

Allow the button text to make for a frictionless experience by saying “Get 30% Off.” Be sure to repeat any key points from the earlier emails. Remember this is an email to send on the final day of your sale. If you’re opting for a one day sale, send the closer in the final hours.

And you always have the option to “extend” the sale by a day or two for a final push, which could be your fourth and final email to seal the deal!