Your customers are always talking about you whether you like it or not.  It is up to you as a business if you want to engage with them and own the conversation.  Twenty years ago you would have paid me beaucoup bucks if I could tell you specific information on how to improve your business, listen to what your customers are saying, and address their problems and concerns all in real time.  Today, you can do all of this for free, which is why it is extremely important to understand social analytics.


As of 2012, Facebook now has 955 million users. If you’re just starting to promote your business socially on this network you must familiarize yourself with Facebook’s built in analytic tool called Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights gives users the ability to see important information such as your demographics, how well your posts are received by your fans, page views, mentions, likes, reach, and many more. Facebook constantly updates this tool to give professionals the ability to understand their social efforts.


As of 2012, Twitter has more than 500 million users. Unfortunately, Twitter’s built in twitter web analytics is missing in action for the foreseeable future. The good news is there are a lot of third party developers who provide free tools to extract valuable insights. To gain a high level of interesting statistics of your twitter usage check out Tweetstats. Many also use to shorten links and track links.


Pinterest is now reported to be the third largest social network. Analytics to this social network is very scarce. The one third party analytic tool that looks promising is called Pinerly. This tool is currently available by invitation only. For the moment, invitations are easily acquired. After requesting an invite, I was granted access roughly an hour later. This tool allows you to track your campaigns, page views, likes, pins, and followers.


As of 2012, Google+ is now home to 400 million users. Google+ has an interesting analytic feature built in called Ripples. You can only view ripples if your public post is re-shared. To view your ripples, go to one of your posts that has been re-shared and click on the drop down arrow on the top right. You’ll be able to see the “view ripples” option to see how your message has been amplified throughout Google+.

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