How To Generate Leads Using Facebook ContestsFacebook has gone a long way toward leveling the playing field for businesses, large and small, looking to expand their presence and drive sales online. Even small businesses with shoestring budgets can engage their existing customers, and new prospects using social media, Facebook contests are one of the most effective methods.

Here are some tips on how to make your Facebook contest a success.

Make it Timely

Social media is a way for people to exchange ideas, share opinions and feel connected.

Linking your contest to a popular current event like a major sporting event or holiday can encourage fans to participate. A leading ecommerce site in the toy industry recently held a virtual Easter egg hunt on their Facebook Fan page. Contestants were instructed to hunt for eggs, hidden on their Web site. Clues about the eggs’ locations were posted on the Facebook page and, when a contestant found an egg and clicked on it, he or she was rewarded with a $20 gift card.

Get Visual

Photo contests are also extremely popular on Facebook. You might consider asking fans to post pictures of themselves enjoying your products in creative new ways or in interesting locations. This was the idea behind Ford Motor Company’s wildly successful “Fiesta Movement” social media campaign.

Simple Games

Trivia contests are also very popular. Depending on your particular business and market demographic, the possibilities can be endless.  For well known local businesses, asking questions about the company’s history can be a great way to engage visitors while also building brand awareness.

For lesser known businesses, a trivia contest about the history of your industry can accomplish the same goal.

Tip Sharing

People love to share tips and advice. You might consider asking your fans to share their favorite tips related to your products or services and then ask the community to vote on a variety of criteria like most useful tip, most creative tip, best money-saving tip, etc.

Quote of the Day contest

Everyone has a favorite quote, and most people love sharing them with others. You can solicit general quotes, inspirational quotes or quotes related to your business. Another tactic is to ask fans to complete a famous quote in their own words. For example: “We have nothing to fear except (fill in the blank).

Simple Facebook contests like these can create a sense of community for your customers and prospects. They can also generate visitor traffic to your Web site and “likes” for your Facebook page which help expand your online footprint and ultimately lead to more sales. Best of all, they’re simple to set up and cost you nothing but the price of the prizes you award the winners.

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