Today, in what could be a defining moment in social media marketing history, Facebook began rolling out and testing enhanced targeting for Page posts, or “Page Post Targeting Enhanced” as it’s been dubbed by the social networking juggernaut.

I say it’s a defining moment because up until now advanced audience segmentation has come with a high price tag via and has only been available through third-party marketing applications.

Marketers, brands and small businesses will now be able to send specific status updates to segments of their audience based on age, gender, education, and more–for free! However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook started to charge for this eventually.

The enhanced updates are  very important because social graph data that Facebook has spent the last few years collecting is available to your Page to help your message reach your target consumers.

No more one-size-fits-all or shotgun blast approaches to Facebook status updates.

In the hands of a skilled marketer, this could easily be the most powerful feature of a Facebook Page.

Enhanced Page Post Targeting via TechCrunch

Via TechCrunch:

“Page Post Targeting Enhanced
Today, we will start rolling out an enhanced version of Page Post Targeting to a small percentage of Page Admins. Over the next few weeks, this will become available to all pages. With this new feature, Pages can now target their posts to certain fans in the news feed who meet specific criteria such as age, gender, location, language, etc.

All content will still remain on the Page since this is the only way to allow friends of engaged fans who don’t meet the targeting criteria to see viral stories (i.e. David likes a post.. )”

The reported attributes you are able to target with this new enhanced functionality include combinations of the following:
• Age
• Gender
• Interested In
• Relationship Status
• Education
• College Grad: College Name, Major
• In College: College Name, Major, Years
• In High School
• Workplace
• Plus the old options — Language, and Location: Country, State, City
The previous options for page post targeting

Note: This advanced functionality is not available on any of the Pages I admin–yet.

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