In a world where consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, providing an eco-friendly directory is more important than ever. Topics such as sustainability are only a single concern for many consumers, especially considering that a recent study by CRM Associates shows that many people are more likely to use directories if they are made from eco-friendly materials. One organization that has made a conscious effort to help Yellow Pages companies reduce their carbon footprint is the Local Search Association, the most trusted resource for businesses specializing in print, digital, mobile, and social media.

Industry Environmental Guidelines

Here are the three main areas that the Local Search Association covers in their goal of helping the directory industry become more eco-friendly:

Resource reduction: these guidelines recommend using software programs to extend a page’s margins and reduce the number of pages used in each directory. It also encourages publishers to opt out of receiving a copy of the print directory if they do not want one or to receive one in a digital format.

Environmental manufacturing practices: the Local Search Association also encourages Yellow Pages publishers to use recycled paper for directories, as well as non-toxic inks, dyes, and glues, to make production methods more environmentally friendly.

Recycling: because recycling programs are typically run locally, the Local Search Association encourages publishers to work with local community resources to create a recycling plan that meets the needs of the communities they serve. Publishers should also let consumers know about any local recycling programs that are available.

Dex Media and the Joint Environmental Guidelines

Dex Media has become one of the first Yellow Pages publishers to adhere to the Local Search Association’s Joint Environmental Guidelines, which means all of our directories meet all the standards to make them as eco-friendly as possible. In exchange for adhering to these guidelines, Dex Media has the permission to display the Yellow Pages Industry Environmental Seal, which indicates that they use environmentally sound practices.

While some people may view print directories as harmful to the environment, the Local Search Association and Dex Media have actually taken steps to use a combination of eco-friendly production methods and products.

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