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Marion Jacobson

Editor, writer, web developer, SEO expert. It's all about the content with me. Founding editor of this blog. Connect with me on Twitter! Find me on Google+

Articles by Marion Jacobson

Buying Local [Infographic]

Ever wonder if spending your money with local small businesses rather than big box stores has an impact on your...

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What is the Local On-Demand Economy (LODE)?

In a phrase, the Local On-Demand Economy (LODE) is “the uberfication of local services”, according to local media research...

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Linkbuilding in 2015 – 12 Ways to Win

Or How to Get Along With Google Penguin Ever since Google announced its Penguin algorithm update in April 2012, small...

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Please Don’t Create a Twitter Account for Your Business

Unless you plan to use it, manage it, engage with people and tweet useful stuff every day! You may...

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Your Competition May Not Be Who You Think

My partners and I did most of our own marketing and advertising for our computer service and web design company,...

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Do It For Me/Do It With Me Advertising and Marketing for SMBs

Running your business is more than a full-time job for a business owner. It can keep a whole team of...

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How Patients Use Digital Healthcare [Infographic]

If you’re a healthcare provider, it’s important to pay attention to how people are using online resources to research...

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What Does Mobile Friendly Mean? 6 Definitions

On April 21st, Google rolled out a new version of their search algorithm specifically for mobile searches. Now, if Google thinks your...

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Where’s the Best Bang for Your Marketing Buck? [Infographic]

A recent study by Thrive Analytics has found that SMBs are having more marketing success with their websites than...

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Tips for Optimizing Your Small Business Website [Infographic]

Your small business website needs to look good and have all the information your potential customers are looking for....

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Do You Have All the Business You Can Handle?

Recently I was looking for a new doctor, and the one I chose wasn’t accepting any more new patients....

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9 Things to Remove from Your Website Right Now

Sometimes it’s the things you REMOVE from your website that can have the most positive impact. If you have...

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Give Your Plumbing Website a Boost

Plumbers have a real challenge when it comes to ranking well in the search engines. Yours is not a...

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What Google Wants in 2015

When you have a business website, you quickly learn how important it is to show up well in search results....

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5 Ways to Reign Over Your Content Marketing [Infographic]

There are millions of blog posts and articles published online daily, and it’s important to find ways to make your...

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19 Online Marketing Buzzwords Defined

Every industry has its buzzwords, jargon and acronyms and some work their way into general use but can still...

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10 Things You Need to Know about Your Business

Buy a RED folder. Keep this information in it. For over 12 years I have been helping small businesses...

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Add Polish to Your Dental Blog with Infographics

If you’re a dentist with a great website that includes a blog, you’re already one step ahead in the content...

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Outsource Your Marketing Like a Boss

So you’re outsourcing your company’s marketing. Maybe it’s because you’re too busy to handle all of that by yourself....

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Attorney Websites – Why Less is More in 2015

I began building websites for local businesses back in 2000, and a number of my clients were attorneys and...

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20 Years of Search and SEO [Infographic]

In 1994, WebCrawler was launched, and the world of search got real. It was the first time that users...

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