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Keith Brown

Keith Brown is a growth marketer. He uses data and marketing to define emerging markets.

Articles by Keith Brown

4 Ways to Beat Your Competition in Google and Win Customers

It’s no secret that beating your competition in Google is a huge part of long term growth. With most...

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7 Essential SEO Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

When it comes to SEO most business owners leave everything to the “experts”. The problem is that not everyone...

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The Top 20 Most Sought After New (gTLD) Domain Extensions

The time to apply for a new gTLD (custom domain extension) has come and gone. What exactly does this...

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8 Things Every Small Business Website Needs in 2012

When it comes to gaining new customers, your website can make or break you. Most businesses already have a...

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7 Warning Signs You Might Not Be Dealing With An "SEO Expert"

With so many today claiming to be “SEO experts”, I thought I’d put together a list of things to...

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How to Outsource Small Business SEO like a Pro

When I say the word outsourcing what comes to mind? For most people with a small business it’s things...

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Steps To Get More Customers

If you plan your marketing, you can add more customers to your mix, and that means a better bottom...

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Ways Small Business Owners Waste Money

When it comes to spending money on your business, are you more like a consumer grocery shopping on an...

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Don’t Settle For Good – Make Your Business Great

What separates good from great?  The answer depends on a number of factors including exactly how you define the...

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Keeping Your Business Running During The Holiday Season

The holiday season can provide a much-needed break for you and your employees. Taking time away from the office...

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What You Can Learn From Successful Innovators

While there is an old adage that reminds us to never become discouraged by our failures but rather use...

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Conflict, whether the result of a negative interaction or positive change, can be a waste of time, energy, and...

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Five Principles To Grow Your Business

Long-term success for small business owners requires the ability to stay focused on an original mission while also meeting...

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Don’t Let Urgent Needs Overshadow What’s Most Important

For many business owners, dealing with “urgent” needs can often distract them from the truly important matters that lead...

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Developing A Business Model

A business model is a blueprint that defines your company’s mission, goals, operations, and structure and is essential to...

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How To Avoid The "Free Agent" Mentality In Your Company

Now that you’ve trained them, groomed them and equipped them for success, you may think that the rising stars...

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Sparking Innovation In Your Company

Small business owners, by nature, are innovators. In fact, small businesses are leaders in job growth and innovation in...

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Starting A Home-Based Franchise

The word franchise usually conjures up images of brick and mortar stores with large, recognizable signs and logos positioned...

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Motivating Employees

If your small business relies on a team of employees to tackle your day-to-day tasks, provide customer service, assemble...

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Hiring A Sales Manager

Deciding its time to hire a sales manager to lead the sales department is a significant moment in the...

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How To Think Like Your Customer

Thinking like your customer puts your customers’ focus at the center of everything your business does and ensures that...

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