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7 Resources To Optimize Your Website

By | 02.03.17
7 Resources To Optimize Your Website

Way to go, you’ve got a website for your business! It looks shiny, tells your business’ story, lists all of your important info and shows off all of those nice photos you had taken.

But… how is it performing, exactly?

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you may not really know. How are you doing on things like page load speed? Do you have enough seo-optimized content on your site? Is your site mobile and tablet ready? Do you appear credible and are you engaging your visitors to want to do business with you?

Even if someone else is handling your website for you, as a business owner it’s important to have a basic understanding of these concepts so that you can ask the right questions and feel confident about your online marketing program.

Here are some of our top articles to help you better understand the things you need to be doing to optimize your website:

Google Measures Its Own Success with HEART. You Can Too.

“The smart folks at Google use a surprisingly simple method of judging the success of their own websites. It goes by the initials HEART, and you can use it too, even without an army of data scientists backing you up.”

6 Questions to Ask Your Website Manager

“Your website is the ‘hub’ of all marketing channels, campaigns or activities. If it goes down, or isn’t up to standards, it’ll sabotage the rest of your efforts – dragging down ROI in the process. That’s even more challenging when you’re not technical, or don’t how to assess its quality in the first place.”

Go Test Your Site on Google’s New Tool

“Go right now to this test site by Google, enter your website address, and get a report back on how fast your site delivers pages, both on desktop computer and mobile phones, and on your site’s overall “mobile friendliness”, how it looks and performs on mobile.”

Grab Site Visitors Before They Go

““Bounce” – the saddest word in websites. It refers to visitors who take one look and exit your site without clicking your “Book an Appointment” button or reading your awesome description of how awesome you are, or doing any of the other stuff they should. Don’t let them bounce without….”

13 Tips for Better Search Ranking [Infographic]

“Website development and management firm Hale Associations created this handy cheat sheet of 13 “ranking factors” for 2016, in other words “stuff you should do for your website to look good for Google”.”

Survey: What Consumers Want from Local Business Websites

BrightLocal’s annual consumer survey was recently released, which focused on what consumers are looking for in local business websites. The survey was aimed at exploring both the information consumers expect and want (and don’t want) to be included on a local site…”

Win Search-Engine Love with Perfect On-Page SEO [Infographic]

“The internet: an endless beauty pageant with search engines as the judges and your site as the contestant. Put the best face on your site with search engine optimization (SEO)—sounds technical but, as this infographic from consultant Brian Dean of Backlinko shows, it comes down to a list of site tweaks that individually aren’t hard to understand or complete.”


Feeling a bit more confident when it comes to website optimization? We hope so. A well-designed, usable and optimized website can mean the difference between someone choosing your business or one of your competitors.

Even though some of these topics can get a bit technical, and you might rather rely on others others to build and maintain your website, it always helps to know the right questions you should be asking of them to ensure your business finds success online.

Looking for a partner who can help?

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