Online Invoicing

Improve cash flow with online invoicing

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to work more efficiently, improve your cash flow and impress your customers. Online invoicing checks all three of those boxes.

An online invoice is sent to customers via email or text. When customers click the invoice link in the message, they’re taken to a secure webpage where they can view their invoice and decide how and when to pay it. Most online invoicing software allows customers to pay with a credit or debit card, ACH, or payment solutions like PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Square and Google Pay. By accelerating the payment process, online invoicing helps to accelerate cash flow and offer customers more convenience while minimizing the time spent on invoicing tasks.

As a do-it-all platform offering some of the best small business tools, Thryv provides solutions that deliver all the benefits of online invoicing.

The benefits of online invoicing

Online invoicing offers a wealth of benefits for your small business and your customers.

  • Faster payments. While sending an invoice and receiving payment by mail may take up to a week or more, an online invoice is received immediately. When customers choose to pay online immediately as well, it’s easier to maintain a healthy cash flow.
  • Greater convenience. Customers love online invoicing because it gives them more ways to pay and lets them avoid the hassle of writing and sending a check in the mail.
  • Less time. Online invoices take much less time to prepare and send, allowing you and your team to spend more time on other tasks.
  • Automated processes. With online invoicing, you can set up recurring payments for long-term clients that get sent automatically. You can also automate reminders for upcoming and past-due invoices.
  • Lower cost. When you add up the time involved in preparing manual invoices and the cost of paper, printer ink and postage, it’s easy to see how you can save money by sending invoices online.
  • Easier audits. With a cloud-based online invoicing solution, everything can be easily saved and retrieved, making it easy to produce reports for auditors and accountants.
  • Fewer errors. Manually prepared invoices are more prone to errors than invoices that are prepared automatically online. When your invoices are accurate, you can avoid the unpleasant conversations with customers who are frustrated with billing errors.
  • More flexibility. Superior online invoice software lets you prepare invoices from anywhere – from the office, home or on the go – using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Online invoicing with Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform with cloud-based tools for managing virtually every aspect of your business. From enhancing your online listings and building a social media profile to nurturing prospects and customers with automated marketing campaigns, Thryv helps you organize your work, manage your day and get more done in less time.

Thryv’s online invoicing software provides a centralized solution for preparing quotes, estimates and invoices and accepting payments. With Thryv, you can:

  • Issue interactive estimates and invoices in the field, allowing clients to approve them on their mobile devices.
  • Manage the back-and-forth communications involved in reviewing, editing and approving payment details.
  • Save time by preparing invoices from professional-looking templates.
  • Send automatic reminders of upcoming payments and follow-ups on past due payments.
  • Produce digital receipts that include requests for online reviews.
  • Offer customizable payment schedules, packages of services and installment plans to customers.
  • Accept a variety of payment methods.
  • Learn how to generate an invoice that increases customer engagement by including a thank you note, sharing news about the business, asking for a review or offering a discount.

Thryv’s payment processing solutions

Thryv offers a variety of small business payment processing solutions to give your customers more options and to let you get paid how you want.

Online credit card payments
Thryv partners with industry-leading online payment processing companies to make online credit card processing easy and secure – at extremely competitive rates. Choose whether you want to store credit card information for future or recurring payments, and easily track how much money you have coming in and out. In contrast to other payment processors, we won’t charge you extra for phone transactions or other card-not-present transactions.

Except payments anytime
Thryv lets you take payment at any point in the customer relationship – when appointments are booked, when services rendered or after receiving an invoice. With Thryv, you can even let customers book and pay for packages of services in advance, encouraging repeat visits and frontloading your cash flow.

ThryvPay is the only payment provider designed specifically for service-driven small businesses. ThryvPay offers next-day funding and makes it easy to accept credit card and ACH payments. You can automatically charge convenience fees to offset costs and accept tips from your loyal customers. Along with opening up a number of new payment options, ThryvPay also integrates easily with QuickBooks for automatic reconciliation.

Why choose Thryv?

Tens of thousands of small business owners have chosen Thryv to manage their most important business processes. Thryv’s do-it-all business management platform delivers solutions to help you better manage your time, communicate with clients, payments and branding.

Thryv is the only small business software solution that offers unmatched, unlimited support 24/7 from a support team with both expertise in small business and technical know-how. During a hands-on onboarding experience, Thryv experts will populate the platform with your business information and set up all the features that are relevant to your business. Thryv’s team of client success partners will work around the clock to ensure you get the most out of your implementation.

Whether you’re seeking a superior customer communication platform, online booking tools, marketing automation technology or social media solutions, Thryv delivers everything you need to get work done with less effort and greater success.

Online Invoicing FAQs

Your online invoicing questions, answered.

What is online invoicing?

Online invoicing is the practice of using email or text messages to send invoices to customers, with a link that allows them to view and pay their invoice online.

What are the advantages of online invoicing?

Online invoices can be sent and paid far faster than manual, paper-based invoices, helping to improve cash flow. Online invoices take less time to prepare and can often be issued automatically without requiring any human intervention. Online invoicing gives customers more convenient ways to pay. And because everything is digitized, an online invoicing solution makes it easy to keep records and produce reports.