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[Video] Why Your Plug-in Card Reader Stinks for Payment Processing

[Video] Why Your Plug-in Card Reader Stinks for Payment Processing

By | 11.28.18
[Video] Why Your Plug-in Card Reader Stinks for Payment Processing

When plug-in card readers first came out, small business owners were pumped. Suddenly, you could swipe credit cards on the go, with just your phone. And payment processing became a breeze for your small business.

But if you’re like us, you’ve spent enough time using these things to realize…they kind of stink. Let’s talk about why.

1. They’re hard to keep track of.

If you use a plug-in card reader to accept credit and debit cards, you have to carry it with you. But do you keep it plugged into your phone throughout the day? Probably not. That means it’s loose in your pocket or bag, and you’re at risk of losing it.

That sucks, because many processors will charge you for replacement — anywhere from $5 to $50 a piece. If you have more than one staff member, that cost can add up quickly.

2. They just don’t work right.

You’ve probably experienced that awkward moment where you hook up your plug-in card reader…and you wait. Nothing happens, and you’re suddenly struggling to accept payment from a willing customer who’s otherwise ready to buy.

A lot of things can go wrong:
  • Compatibility issues with your headphone jack
  • Your device doesn’t recognize the reader right away
  • Connection issues, via WiFi or Bluetooth

3. You’re reliant upon them to get paid.

If you chose a payment processor that requires external hardware, then you’re almost totally reliant upon that hardware to get paid.

But customers don’t usually carry cash! So if something goes wrong when you’re trying to collect, you don’t get paid at all.

While many mobile card processors require physical card swipers, not all do. Thryv uses the technology already built into your phone’s camera, and it’s still just as safe and secure as the other payment processing providers. This simple adjustment will save you money, time and lots of headache.

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Getting paid can get
even better.

Don’t believe us?
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Getting paid can get even better.

Don’t believe us? We can explain.


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