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[Video] Fill Appointments Faster with Online Booking

[Video] Fill Appointments Faster with Online Booking

By | 07.12.18
[Video] Fill Appointments Faster with Online Booking

These days, your ability to book appointments online might as well be the same as your ability to book appointments at all. Because in our mobile, instant gratification world, consumers are finding and booking appointments with new businesses online.

But why?

It’s convenient for them.

If consumers have to talk to you to make an appointment, they’re restricted to your business hours. And that’s IF they can reach someone every time they call.

Actually, 55% of appointments are booked outside business hours. So your business, without online booking, is just less convenient to work with.

It’s convenient for you.

Online appointment booking doesn’t just make things easier for your customers, it makes your life easier too.

Let’s say you own a salon. If you don’t have a receptionist, that means your or your stylists spend valuable time answering phone calls, greeting guests, and manually managing appointments. Online appointment scheduling would let your stylists and other members of staff get back to work.

Visibility into your appointments gives you visibility into your workload.

The best appointment booking software solutions hook into your business’s calendar and automatically populate it. Not only that, if you have staff members whose schedules you also manage, you can gain full visibility into who’s doing what, and when.

Mobile home repair and contracting businesses love this about appointment booking software. Even if you have staff members at different projects or sites throughout the day, you know who’s available for urgent jobs that pop up, and whose schedules are full.

There are tons of options out there when it comes to online appointment booking software. But hardly any of them offer the integrations (I’m talking payments, text and email reminders, and more) of a tool like Thryv. Check out Thryv, and start booking appointments online today.

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“Business automation” got you tongue-tied?

It’s a mouthful. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

“Business automation” got you tongue-tied?

It’s a mouthful. Don’t let it overwhelm you.


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