You decided to run a business, and you’ve got skin in the game by now. But after a few years, maybe you still feel like you’re winging it.

You’ve got the work down pat, but what about the business of running a business? If you’re still learning as you go, you may feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Which isn’t good for your mental health or your bottom line.

Here are some ways you can gain control.

Stop Struggling to Gain Customers

You’re great at what you do, so why aren’t potential customers breaking down your door? That could be due to two things. One, their inability to find you and two, your messaging isn’t resonating with them.

Become easy to find on Google

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, provides a snapshot of your business to those searching online. By having a completed and verified account, customers can easily discover your business with a simple Google search. 

When people are looking for a business to use, they want the best. Make sure your current customers are sharing their experiences in the review section of Google. Keep in mind that reviews are a major influencer on Google’s ranking algorithm.

Thryv’s Google My Business Dashboard makes it easy to keep your information updated, but sometimes time isn’t on your side. Our Google Managed Service includes daily management and optimization of your listing by our experts. 

Remember, the more eyes that can find your business, the higher your chance of converting them.

Find your voice and share it

Even once your customers find your business, they may not want to do business with you if your messaging doesn’t resonate with them. Take a second to reflect on what your company is all about beyond your services. Consider the value your company can offer customers.

Are you a soul food caterer who takes a healthier approach to traditional recipes? Does your childcare company practice conscious discipline?

Take what makes your company stand out and use it to build brand messaging that draws people in. Your customers will see your vision and you’ll strengthen the connection.

Retain Customers without Begging

In order to keep the money coming in, you’ll need those customers to keep booking with you — especially because finding new customers is 5 times more expensive than retaining them.

Keep an eye on your CRM and use analytics tools to target your customers based on their needs. Remind them that it’s time for their septic tank cleaning or time for their quarterly car detail with the help of a well-planned email marketing campaign.

If you notice you’ve lost a few customers after they left a less than glowing review, now’s the time to resolve those issues — even if you weren’t to blame. By rectifying the situation, you can win back that customer.

Keep Customers in the Loop

There’s nothing more time-consuming than sitting on the phone to create, confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments. Maybe you feel like you have to because missed appointments have cost you thousands of dollars. It’s a burden that can’t go ignored but it can be taken off your hands.

Online booking frees you from the phone

If you’re following up on leads by phone, you’re sucking a lot of free time out of your day. While making the call to clear up questions and get them in your books might feel like the quicker route for you, that’s not always true.

You’re likely to end up playing phone tag for weeks trying to catch and follow up with this potential client. Instead, offer an online booking option on your website or Google listing.

Thryv’s appointment scheduling software allows you to sync your calendars to avoid double-booking. This puts your customer in control without inconveniencing your already busy work schedule.

Automated reminders keep everyone on time

Your books might be full, but you don’t make money until your customers’ service is complete. You can’t afford for them to be late or miss the appointment completely. No-shows are no fun.

Do your part to get your customers through the door by setting up automated reminders through their preferred method of communication, such as text message or email.

Cut Financial Errors

You can’t afford to mismanage your books. Perhaps up until now, you’ve also been your business’s accountant. If you can’t hire another staff member to manage this massive undertaking, you have to find software that can take care of it for you.

Quickbooks is a great program and the go-to accounting software for many small businesses. Of course, you’ll need to still keep an eye on everything going in and coming out, but with Thryv’s Quickbooks Desktop integration, you can stay up on the latest without the added stress.

Thryv + Quickbooks Desktop allows users to: 

  • Consolidate information from contacts and estimates to payments and invoices
  • Import contacts to either software and update into the other
  • Access the real-time status of your business’s revenue with hourly synchronization
  • Sync customer data between the two software with either the customer’s email or phone number
  • Streamline bookkeeping and money management processes

You don’t have to keep faking it until you make it. By taking a more digital and less hands-on approach to these processes, you’ll have time to focus on taking care of your customers and solving their issues.

Still curious about the many ways Thryv can act as your very own around-the-clock personal assistant? We’re here to help. Sign up for a free no-pressure demo.