Unfortunately, 24 hours is not enough time in the day, especially when you’re running a small business. Call and confirm this person’s appointment and check to see if that customer is satisfied with the service received. You have an endless list of business-related tasks running through your brain.

Thanks to the post-pandemic rush, small business owners are coping with an increase in workload and customer demands. It can become overwhelming and leave you feeling overworked and understaffed.

You deserve an assistant. Someone willing to work long nights and travel when needed. But, when hiring an assistant is outside of the budget, there’s always a second option.

With Thryv, you have a 24/7 personal assistant to manage these duties and free up your mind for bigger problem-solving.

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Duty: Updating Customers

Time for a new product release? Thinking about having a sale? Hours of operation getting ready to change? Someone has to alert the masses! If you link your social platforms, Thryv can help keep your customers in the know.

Create social media posts from scratch or with the help of our library of pre-written posts before scheduling them out. Have you ever wanted a data analyst to help optimize your posts? Thryv identifies the top times for maximum visibility.

Not a fan of social media? Rethink that when you have a chance, but in the meantime, make email campaigns. Use one of Thryv’s pre-made templates to announce what’s new with your business or schedule an alert for an upcoming sale.

Duty: Confirm Appointments

Do you know what’s no fun? Taking the time to carefully prepare for a scheduled appointment and the client is a no-show. Clients are humans, too, and sometimes they book online when the thought crosses their mind — sometimes at 2 a.m. during a Netflix binge. It’s likely they may forget about it the next day.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours calling to confirm appointments. Thryv has automated reminders to notify clients of appointments they have booked. It’s an easy way to keep in touch even when you’re too busy.

Once an appointment is scheduled, you can setup time-based reminders that you choose, and deliver them via email or text message.

I suggest setting 2-week, 1-week and 1-day reminders giving your customer a few chances to check their calendar and cancel or reschedule, if needed. (By the way, we feel your pain …)

Duty: Scheduling Employees

It’s time to reclaim your time. One of the most challenging obstacles when running a business is employee scheduling. Examining each calendar to determine who has availability will lead you to scream “fine, I’ll do it myself!”

Don’t you dare. 

Reclaim your time by using staff accounts within Thryv to sync your employees’ calendars into one. 

Thryv can sync with:

  • Google Calendar (iOS and Android)
  • iCloud/iCal
  • Outlook/Office 360/Microsoft Exchange
  • Yahoo, and more

From there, you’ll have access to everyone’s availability, which means fewer conflicts when clients book online. This is also a plus now that clients can request appointment changes within Thryv. Think of this as Thryv making sure you’re not understaffed and missing out on money.

Duty: Managing Events

In 2020 there was a digital shift that occurred due to the pandemic. With everything beginning to open up, the option to remain online is one many people still look forward to.

We get it but hosting online events require attention the same way in-person events do. This is why some businesses are pulling the plug on events. When Thryv’s your assistant, you don’t have to.

Create the events, classes and webinars you like. You supply the details and Thryv will manage it. With online registration, you’ll be able to collect payment and communicate with the attendees.

By automating these processes, you’ll have time to focus on knocking out the rest of your event checklist. While you look polished and professional, no one will know you had help in keeping it together.

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