How many apps do you have on your phone? Whether it’s business or personal, they’re there because they make life simpler. Technology had transformed our lives and improved business processes more than anyone anticipated, but what if your business isn’t using that technology?

Well, then you’re missing out on significant opportunities to improve productivity and growth. When it comes to taking over tedious and repetitive tasks from humans, having software for online booking is a saving grace.

Online booking streamlines processes and interactions with your customers. Think of your online booking system as a 24/7, 365 employee. If you need to tap into your Millennial customers, online booking will provide a competitive edge.

77% of service businesses don’t have online booking features.

Partial Payment at Booking

I get it. You have loyal customers. Why would you care about attracting a group of kids? Let’s face it, these aren’t just a group of rowdy 20- and 30-something-year olds. These self-aware, young movers and shakers are willing to spend big — and spend even more where financing is available.

The option to split payments into two bite-sized chunks is a game-changer. By presenting options to better fit within customers’ budgets, they’re more likely to spend. What a great way to entice otherwise reluctant Millennial customers. If you want to expand your business to reach Millennials, you need to understand them first.

Cater to the Millennial

You want Millennial dollars in your pocket, we promise, so make your business easier to do business with.

shows what business customers will see for online booking
Click to enlarge: Thryv’s online booking screen.

Having online scheduling capabilities means that the young woman with phone anxiety can become a regular client of yours. She would have otherwise left your site to search through your competition for a business that can cater to her desire to not talk on the phone. For a young executive, your online booking system could mean he can book a technician to check out his A/C while in the middle of a Zoom call.

Convenience is King

You might fall asleep at 10 p.m., but Millennials are up innovating, thinking — or perhaps just scrolling social media — at night. At 2 a.m. when the sudden desire to book a landscaping consultation arises, online booking provides that instant gratification.

Zero unnecessary games of phone tag or emailing back and forth as opposed to the 1-2 weeks it could take to set an appointment is every client’s dream. If a potential client has to wait to get someone on the phone, then they’ll probably assume the rest of the process will be just as inconvenient. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Reduce Your No-Shows

Having an online booking system can save you time as well. Customers who book online are more likely to show up and answer the phones than those who submit a standard inquiry form. Provide clients who book online with an email confirmation; bonus points if they can cancel by replying to that same email.

If they cancel, that spot immediately becomes available again for others. Now, you won’t waste your afternoon calling without answers or driving out to a location when no one is there.

Online Booking Tips:

  • Allow Customers to Book Consultations: Use your online booking to not only grab potential clients’ best time to contact but also must-know Information and any qualification details for the consultation.
  • Make It a Call-To-Action: Streamline your online bookings by creating clear Book Now buttons available on your site, emails and social media postings.
  • Automated Notifications: Reduce no-shows with automated notifications through email and text about their upcoming appointment.