The holidays are a busy time for small and medium businesses. Your Black Friday marketing efforts are in full swing, and perhaps you and Santa are already working in your CRM preparing for December.

We understand how hectic it can be making sure everything is running smoothly. You want to stay connected with customers on social media, but your brain is drained just trying to think about what to post.

Maybe you didn’t snag an end-to-end CRM that creates social media posts for you. Perhaps you did, but want to create more unique postings, but don’t have the extra mental bandwidth to plot it all out.

Whatever the dilemma, we’ve got a plan. Here are 20 ideas for posts to help you stay connected with customers this holiday season.

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Create Easy and Actionable Tips

Do you know what really gets people going? Tips to actually help them keep pushing on during this crazy season.

Providing easy tips is another way to help your customers while also putting your business at the front of their minds, too.

These industry-specific ideas for posts are great for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social sites. Remember to add your branding to the posts to increase brand awareness.

Health & Wellness Industry Tips:

  • Reduce stress during the holiday season
  • Responding with kindness
  • How to avoid stress eating
  • Making healthier New Year’s resolutions
  • Combating seasonal depression
  • Practicing self-care while hosting out-of-town family

Auto Industry Tips:

  • Winter/Summer car care
  • Quick window defrosting
  • Keeping leather seats cool in the sun
  • Getting unstuck in snow/sand
  • Avoiding frozen/melting locks
  • Increasing keyless entry range

Home Service Industry Tips

  • Declutter a house in a week
  • Smarter storage
  • Saving your lawn
  • Stain removal for wood cutting boards
  • Safely cleaning holiday knick-knacks

Countdowns and Contest

Hosting contests and countdowns are easy and fun ways to get customers involved during the holidays. Schedule a day for brainstorming to identify where you want to start.

Is there anything your customers have been requesting that you can make a fun post about? For a yoga studio that might look like a 12-day Christmas countdown using different stretches to improve flexibility.

When it comes to running a contest, use it as an opportunity to stay connected with customers by having them contribute content. For instance, if you’re a groomer, have your customers showcase their furry friends in cute holiday-themed photos.

Create a fun hashtag for them to use and post the images for others to vote on. This will also encourage your customers to have friends and family vote which means, more potential customers for your business.


Toss in Some Fun Photos

Pictures are a great way to create warm content for your social sites. With good timing, you can capture the images you want and schedule them out in advance.

The key is to get creative and have fun. Genuine photos are sure to elicit an emotional response from your audience.

  • Childcare: Plan to have staff members dress up as Santa and make stops to visit students with small gifts. Pop a few of those photos up on social every couple of days, with parent permission of course.
  • Restaurant: Post recipes of your favorite holiday dishes. Get personal by sharing the story behind the dish.
  • Legal: Snap some shots of your firm spreading some holiday cheer, like dropping off love packages to nursing homes or hosting a toy giveaway in the community.

Create the Conversation

If you want a quick and easy way to keep your customers engaged, ask them a question. It seems simple. Almost too simple, I’m sure.

Luckily, with social media, you can make asking a simple question fun. Use the Story feature on Instagram to ask fun polls and questions. You can even allow your customers to ask YOU questions for a change.

You can make your replies as funny, heartfelt or serious as you’d like. By doing this you can go beyond just staying connected with customers and actually foster a loyal community.

Regardless of which ideas you decide to try, remember to stay on-brand in your postings. This is an opportunity to strengthen your community while also humanizing your brand.

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